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  1. I have a 1999 gs 300 with 20x9.5 in front and 20x10 in the rear with 1.5 lowering springs. some minor tweaks had to be done, I had to roll the lip in the rear fender and I had to cut some plastic in front to keep from rubbing from the sharp turns.
  2. tgenesis0`

    TGenesis01's 99 GS300

    Privat 20" Wheels Nitto 555 tires H&R springs
  3. I just started to do H&R springs but I am seriously considering some TIEN coilovers...I have to resolve some rubbing issues. will be rolling the fender this weekend. As for the wheels, I have an album with a few pictures on them. BTW If you can, just email me the instructions on the servo replacement. alot, I would be lost without your help!!!
  4. Sorry I haven't been on for a while now. I have been working on wheels and suspension on my car. I am now ready to tackle this problem with my car. Hey If you have replaced your servos I would appreciate walkthrough in replacing these things. You can email it to me if it is possible. thanks in advance, TGenesis01
  5. Thanks for the reply. At least I have a direction to go to now. I saw the posts but was not sure that it was the same problem since i was only getting too much heat. I will explore and see what i can find/fix. thanks again.
  6. I just purchased my 1999 GS300 a month ago. The car is in great condition but I have one problem. The lowest setting on the climate control on the GS is 65 degrees. It doesn't matter how high i increase the temperature, when I increase the temp above 65 the heat will blow at its highest. It only drops when it is set back to 65(coldest). Not including the A/C setting. Can someone help. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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