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  1. omlo75

    Error Code P0051 Ob Ii Reader

    Well it was $370 out of the door from Toyota but these numb skulls forgot to calibrate the vcs off for me so I will be taking it back soon to get that done but the check engine light is off so that is one positive.
  2. I have read all relevant post related to the o2 sensor, check engine light, vsc off, and vsc. My problem started yesterday night while driving home and my check engine light, vsc off, and vsc light lite up. I had the guys at autozone scan it for me to see the code p0051 af sensor heater control circuit low 21 and the probable cause is an open or short circuit condition, af sensor heater relay fault, and failed af ratio sensor. Do you guys think the O2 sensor need to be replaced or this is related to the fan that cools the o2 sensor? How much do you guys think this will cost me at Toyota because this is where I have always had my 2004 Sc430 serviced with 54000 miles? Any response will be appreciated.
  3. Thanks will check the headrest tomorrow
  4. I just bought a pair of rear headrest because my old ones were looking horrible. Is it fairly easy to take the old ones off and put the new ones on. I will not receive the new ones until next week trying to get a jump on it.