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  1. Can the driver's seat bottom be replaced with the seat bottom from the passenger side ? I'm interested in replacing the driver's side front seat bottom, cushion and leather. After 17 years, mine is very worn. There are passenger side seats available from the recyclers, but I'm trying to determine if any parts can be used on the driver's side. Thanks!
  2. This sounds exactly like the problem I'm having. The blower stopped while driving with the A/C on. After shutting off the car for 10 minutes, I restarted the car, and then the A/C. The blower came on for about 5 seconds, then shut off. Hasn't worked since. I already pulled the blower and applied power to it. The blower works fine. I looked at the 'blower.pdf' file in the thread. I'd like to check the voltage as recommended in step 1. Can you tell me where the A/C control assembly is located ? Thank you. Car is a 1998 GS300