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  1. Timing is correct. I done some more work this weekend. I now know 4 and 6 are both dead. I used a new spark plug wire and found I do have spark but still have dead cylinders. Compression is good on both cylinders. I have switched plugs and still dead. Plugs on those 2 holes are always black when I pull them. Mileage has went down to 13-16 mpg and always smells very gasy. A couple things I have noticed is the cel does not come on when I turn the key on, but the light is good because I see it come on once in awhile while driving. It never has logged codes, I cannot pull them up myself a
  2. Driven it over 50 miles now with it unplugged. Still running crappy, gasy smell. CEL is off I don't have traction control. As of right now I think it runs the exact same with it plugged in as unplugged.
  3. Can I unplug the maf and see how it runs then? I have heard you can do that.
  4. The victom is a 92 sc400. I have had problems for a while now but seem to have the dying fixed. Right now it is running very poorly she has the sniffles. At idle while working on it, it has a dead miss on 4 and 6 cylinders. Compression on both is 145 psi. Plugs were totally black when pulled. Cleaned plugs and run a couple minutes both plugs were wet. It is getting fire to plugs, both are sparking out end of wire when pulled no carbon tracks on side of plug wires, even swapped wires to check and nothing. Switched plugs and still nothing. Cylindewrs 1,3,5 spark plugs are red looking.
  5. JMO- but my engine was cutting off and sometimes when you smashed the gas it would "clear" out the engine and run fine but other times just shut off. this all happened when i first bought my car and it had a brand new fuel pump in. the problem turned out to be the fuel pump sensor or the fuel pump ECU its pretty expensive from lexus. good luck hope this helped Thanks I would never guess fuel pump since it clears up when full throttle. Anyone know what fuel psi should be? Then on the other hand does it matter if you have correct fuel psi if the ecu is not operating correctly?
  6. I have owned this thing for about 1.5 years now and put 35,000 miles on it. Has always ran good, except when coil went out. In the last few months I have noticed it missing at times. Then I seemed to figure out that it ran better with gas from different gas stations. I will be driving along and it will just cut out. It has now gotten so bad that it wont hardly run at cruising speed but if you mash the gas it cleans up and runs good. It will also have a dead miss at times and it seems like 4 cylinders have shut off, almost like timing has retarded on it. It has even got so bad that it is
  7. Well I have had a coolant leak since mid summer, I knew it was the waterpump, just didn't want to fix it. Well it finally went totally out. I tore it down yesterday. Stinks that you have to tear down the entire front end to get waterpump out, took me 4 hours to pull it and clean everything up. Now what stinks is no one has parts on hand, autozone and oriellys neither have parts in warehouse have to call Monday to see how soon they can get parts. I hope I can get them soon this thing drives so much cheaper then my pickup and its 90 mile round trip to work. Plugs, wires, timing belt, water
  8. I bought my 1992 SC400 in January as a work car for $950, 90 miles per day round trip. It had 145,000 miles when I got it, always averages 23.7-24.3 mpg and that is with leadfooterus disease. I have had it at 145 mph many times and still had plenty of power left. Sure is fun during the drag race after work even if I get outran in the short run I catch and pass everyone in a mile or so. It is amazing being a 1992 that everything still works, power sunroof, power tilt/telescope, power seats. This car has been amazing to own and I will buy another when we need a newer vehicle. Problem just
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