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  1. I finally have pictures of my car. They are in my album, but it only let me put four.
  2. bHengbaNg

    Lexus IS 300

    New car pics
  3. I used to work at Suntrust Bank full time. I decided to move to a local credit union and go back to school. I work in the ATM department as an ATM specialist. It's actually one of the easiest and relaxing jobs I've had. I guess it is a good thing because I'm sure school won't be "stress free". I'm going for Business, Communications, and maybe Accounting (I'm almost done with the other two and if it's just an extra semester...why the heck not!, right?!). I plan to open my own store in the next year or two. I already have my business set up making purses , jewelery, scarfs and all kinds o
  4. I forgot to add this...def one thing I will be doing is making it so all my windows are auto up and down! Once you get used to it in a car, it's very hard to go back. I looked at the stuff I'll need and it doesn't look too bad as far as price. And I'm lucky I have some friends that sell the parts and will also be there to watch over me and make sure I'm doing everything right=]
  5. Thank you and Thank you=] I can't wait till I can post in the buy and sell. There is so much neat stuff! Where I got my car the man who sold it to me said in the 3 years he has been there mine was the 2nd one he has seen and he thinks the other was auto. And we did find one more in town and I was ok with auto but whoever had it before put these huge ugly rims on it and it didn't look like it was taken very good care of. The inside just looked trashed and I didn't even open the door...that's how bad it was=/
  6. For now I will leave it stock because I just got it. It has so much stuff that my other car didn't! So I'm just letting it all sink in lol. But I have had everyone tell me their ideas for what I should do and I'm sure for Christmas I'll be getting all kinds of goodies! My best friend has been wanting the exact same one as I got, color and everything, so her and her boyfriend have even been offering to help me out with things=] I let her drive us around when we hang out so she feels like it's hers too. But yea...I'd love to personalize my new baby=]
  7. Thanks! I looked at your pics, sometimes its hard to tell with the sunlight but I think yours is grey? Mine is too. I was wondering about changed the stereo out because I had a '07 tC and I'm so used to how it sounded. I was kinda iffy though because of how it might look but I really like yours with the screen. It fits perfect and looks really clean.
  8. Hey I guess this should have been my first post haha=P My name is Lauren and I'm 21. I live in Panama City, FL. I have an 02 Lexus IS 300. I think counting mine there might be 10 IS 300s in town. I feel like I got a pretty lucky with my purchase. There is 64K miles and everything is in perfect condition. I'm also a stick drivin chick =] I should have pics up soon, they are all cell phone ones and they aren't that great. I'm hoping to do a little photo shot by the water soon. So...Hello everyone!!!!
  9. Hey I just got my IS 300 and I LOVE it. It's an 02 and it has 64K miles, and I paid 14700. I think you will be really happy with your purchase=] Mine is a stick and it has the flip up screen with the GSP system. So far my friends have drove it more then I have =P Good luck with whatever you decide!!
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