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  1. This is a great mount where you don't see any holes and it looks factory. 20.00 Shipped anywhere within the lower 48 of the US Check out for the details of this mount. Installation manual for mount GS300 1993-2005 GS400 1998-2000 GS430 2002-2005 with or without Navi
  2. F/S Rear trunk emblems I removed my rear emblems on my 2001 GS300. you only need to replace the 2 side tape. $20.00 + actual shipping. email me:
  3. I am selling a Elemental designs replacement sub woofer. This woofer was purchased as a factory replacement kit for the damaged original woofer. The mounting bracket is specialty made to fit the GS series. I had it mounted in my 2001 for about 8 months. I can tell you that this woofer will never blow out like the factory woofer, and it sounds great using the factory amp. I am sure I spent over 200.00 for this. I have only put 6k mile on my car in a year so there is very little use on this speaker. $100.00 + actual shipping (this thing is heavy) email me:
  4. I am selling my 2001 GS300, I have a Soundlinq Satelite adapter which adds Satelite radio to all Lexus & Toyota 2001 and up to 2006. This adapter plugs inline from your factory CD Changer input of your factory radio. I am including the XM Tuner and antenna. I have it posted on flea bay but if a forum member buys it I will include shipping anywhere within the lower 48 States of the US & lower the price to 150.00, but outside of flea bay (so I don't pay the final value fees). The adapter is a SoundLinq Model SLX with adds XM radio to your vehicle and a auxilary input for a MP3 player or IPOD. This also includes a XM reciever & antenna. This was installed in my 2001 Lexus GS300 when I purchased it 2 years ago, I am assuming the original purchaser of this XM receiver paid for lifetime service because it never turned off and I never changed the ownership of the radio and the Satelite has been working on every channel. So I guess you'll get free XM service, but I cannot guarantee it. I can tell you it works flawlessly for XM and for my IPOD. There are no cutting wires on your vehicle. You unplug your CD changer cable and plug it into this adapter and then plug the adapter cable into your radio. How you activate is press the "CD" button, the first time you press it it will go to your CD changer, press it again and it will go to "disk 11" and that is for the auxiliary input, press it one more time and you get the XM radio "disk 12". All the cables that were installed in my Lexus are included. Owners manual is included and can also be downloaded from here: This is described from the Manufacture to work on Most all Toyota & Lexus vehicles from 2001 up to 2006. Here is the Application guide: 150.00 shipped with the US Just send me a email I am in Queens NY SOLD!!
  5. It's also possible that the last person to service the oil had stripped the threads on the oil pan. You would need to go to the auto parts store and purchase a over sized drain bolt, that will retap the threads.
  6. I had my GS in for some service at Bayridge Lexus and they were very nice, and were fair with the pricing.