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  1. Bit the bullet and bought the Michelin Primacy tires. Added an alignment---what a difference they made. You can almost hear your heart beating now! When they changed the tires they scratched the rims a little--not enough to fuss at the guys (they have been good to me over the years). Anyone know where I can get some touch up paint?
  2. Not excessively deep, seems like close to new depth for a passenger car tire. There is a difference between the front and the back ones though.
  3. 2005 ES 330 45,000 miles 17" wheels. Bought the car used about 2 years ago. Iy has always had a low grade whine-- thought it was the tire tread design. The car has Cooper Lifeliner tires that were on the car when I bought it. I rotated the tires and the noise came to the forefront-verty noticable. I exchanged the spare with the left front and the noise went away. It came back when I put the Cooper back on. Do tires make that kind of whining-- on every road surface--hot or cold. DO I wait to put the Michelins on until they wear some more or are is this tire dangerous. Tire pressure doesn't change it much.
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