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  1. If you had to have refridgerant added that you have a leak. That stuff can last forever as long as it doesn't leak out.
  2. I recently had an overheating problem after my upper radiator hose was replaced by me. Turned out that I needed to add the coolant to the hole where that hose enters the engine and not in the overfill tank. This assures that all the air is pushed out. Once I did this my overheating issue stopped immediately. Just fill at that hole until the radiator fills up, and your done. Just a thought. Good Luck.
  3. I think that depends on the state. In TN it is only $8 so I would just do it. You might as well take it and have it done before registering it. The worst thing is going in to the DMV, waiting in line for an hour and then finding out you need to have it inspected. I have learned over the years that being proactive is much better then being reactive.
  4. You should try to download the factory service manual for your car and then go from there. The manual will really help you find these parts. I could only find the 2001 and 2005. I am pretty sure you need the 2005. Here you go:,co...c,select/id,16/
  5. 1. No 2. Yes, only if the current plugs are bad. Go ahead and pull the plugs when you get a chance and take a look.
  6. Probably good thing to do. After that maintenance you should be good to go for a while besides any small stuff that pops up.
  7. You can find some great prices at this site: . As far as the timing belt do you know when it was last changed? That will really determine if you should change it or not.
  8. Go to this site for A/C questions. . Make sure you give as much detail about your car and problem on your first post. Also, when you get your solution don't forget to post it back here.
  9. That seems like a decent deal. Check to find out when the last timing belt was done. KNowing the previous owners is pretty nice since you can ask about previous maintenance. Also, check the tires. My $2500 1993 came with brand new tires. That is a good $400 savings. Also, if you think the bondo repair will bother you then don't buy it. To get that fixed and painted will be $500-$1000 which means you could have bought a car that wasn't wrecked like mine for $2500. Good Luck.
  10. Yeah I have the dark green also. I am just going to stop messing with it for now. Really, the A/C works and that is all that matters. I bought the car for $2500 so the longer I can get out of this A/C system the better.
  11. Well you have few options. There are guys that can buff your headlight out and make it look new again. They are experienced and will do a great job. Contact a good detail shop and they will tell you where to go. Second, they do sell kits even at Walmart I believe where you can buff it out yourself. I am a little skeptical of these but people claim they work. Third, you could probably pick up a headlight off ebay for a decent price as well. Probably an aftermarket cheapy one but it will do the job.
  12. Wow, how many cans did it take to get it to 42 psi? I am getting pretty cold air right now. I have found that the problem is it takes it a good 5-8 minutes before it starts blowing cold. It is almost like it changes over from warm to pretty cold in a matter of seconds. The compressor and fan is kicking in so I am not sure. Maybe I should just be happy to have A/c
  13. I recently had mine converted on my 1993 and while it does work it seems like it takes a good 5-8 minutes to get to its coldest point. This is after almost every stop regardless of the length I am stopped. I checked the Low Side pressure and it reads 36psi so I think its good. When I pull up to lights I can hear the compressor kind of surging on and off. Sound normal?
  14. Try going to . Make sure you look for places close to you. I usually can find anything I need on this site.
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