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  1. i can attack the prob...appreciate it guys!
  2. heres pic..hope someone can help need to know what this part is making weird knocking sound when key is in "on" position...doesnt have to be running to hear the sound though....thanx in advance.
  3. it looks pretty stock...i will work on the is located right of the ecu and is covered by a white plastic cover, if that helps
  4. Hey guys, my 93 ls 400 started making this "knocking" sound that I tracked to under my glove box, not too far from my ecu...anyway, when I pinpointed where the noise was coming from, I saw this downward, grey, cone-looking thing that had VDO on it...can anyone tell me what this is? the way, it is made by seimans, if that helps. thanks in advance for anybody's help
  5. ncmarc


    VDO part
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