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  1. Sorry, to ask the basic question... what should I look for? It seems like the front of the car. I am also getting some vibration at regular intervals when driving (could this be tires out of balance?). 90% of the vibration occurs when braking slightly at speeds greater than 40 mph. its sounds like you need to get your tire pressure checked. also take your car by a local shop and have them test drive it they will let you know whats really going on
  2. well if its when you brake then it has to do with you brakes obviously. brakes might need a bleed or the rotors might need to be cut. maybe a combination of both. but to determine if its coming from the front or back, you'll just need to pay more attention to the car when braking :) most likely its your rotors in the front
  3. i want to konw if there is someone out there that has added satellite radio to their 2004 gs 300.i don't want to get one that mounts on the window or dash. i want to control it using my nav screen. :(
  4. thanks for the info! i found another site that you might want to check out before ordering your kit.
  5. i would like to control it through my nav screen. i want to keep the factory look inside if possible. what type of video interface would i need to get. i checked a couple of site but they have nothing for the 2004 gs 300
  6. get ur tires balanced that should take care of problem :D
  7. i want to add satellite radio to my factory radio w/nav what are my opitions please help? i want to control it using my nav screen. 04 gs 300
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