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  1. I got the fm direct plug by sirius, thanks
  2. I want to installa a sirus in my 99 GS400, I want to know my options to do this, I was thinking in disconnet the cd changer, is this option will be complicated?? I want a clear sound. Thanks in advance
  3. Update, I have the key on the ignition in on position, it register and error, I just go to my Toyota Dealer and erase the error from memory. B)
  4. I have the same problem, and yes I change the ball joint and links and then these ligth are on. What can I do to reset them?? Thanks in advance
  5. I change today the ball joints and links, when I start the car the VSC ABS Traction ligths are on. What I need to do to reset them?? Thanks in advance. My car is a 1999 GS400
  6. RH one, by far, Please post picture when you have them in your car. Thanks
  7. does these rims work without mod on a GS400 98 to 05?? anyone have a photo of these car with these rims?? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a picture of a GS400 98-05 with the new GS wheels 18 inch?? Thanks in advance