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  1. The help you gave me was great, any site on the dismantle of the strut it self along with any tips on reassembly Thanks
  2. :o Does anyone know where I can find a installation guide to install new rear struts. I have the parts and tools I just want to make sure what I think I know is what I really need to know. His car is a 92 es300, and just replacing the rear ones this weekend. Thanks Jeff
  3. Does anyone have a diagram of the vacuum lines or an idea where I can get them on line for a 1992 es 300 I have a few that are missing and don't know were to start.
  4. I can't get the blinkers or the hazards to work all of the fuses are ok. The book says the relay is behind the glove box how do I get the glove box out?
  5. How big of a pain is it to install the motor? The switch is no big deal other that the price of one. Or would I be better off Having on installed at a after market shop if they have one that fits the opening?
  6. I think that's what I'll do. Thanks
  7. When I push the tilt button sometimes I hear the motor try to start and sometimes not. Then on real rare times the window will slide part way back. But the it might take several minutes to close it again. The when I push the open button I hear the motor try to start and then sometimes It will tilt up (but I wanted it to open not tilt) and when it does tilt up it takes several minutes to close it again. And it never closes all the way down. Many time when I push on the buttons I hear the motor click or try to start but nothing happens. I hope this is the additional info you needed. Thanks in advance!
  8. Now I need to figure out how to reset the air bag light so it does'nt stay on all of the time.
  9. He will sell you one off e-bay here is his e-mail address; E Gus Mancy [emancy@woh.rr.com]
  10. 92 Es300 moon roof won't operate correctly. When you push the tilt button some noise come out by the motor then an other time the window will open but never all of the way. Then when you puch the open button you here some noise for the motor area it's a real light clicking noise. and once its open it is a lot of button pushing before it closes. its so strange the buttons are backwards. Any Ideas or thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. It was a blown fuse "ECS" after I replaced it the ABS light went out and I was able to move the shift lever. The air bag ligth still is on though. Any tips on reseting it? Thanks for all of the help!
  12. There are no lights on the dash display about being in any gear. The button pushes in on the shift handle put the handle will not move back into gear. I'ts like its frozen.
  13. I have been working on this 92 ES300 most of the day with the doors open and the key on. I was mostly working on putting a OEM radio in the car along with a new power anntena and trying to get the CD changer to eject. I replace a couple of hoses from the intake to the air cleaner and valve cover put thats it. There was some peeping a couple of times when I was working on the speaker harness. I had to move the air bag block in the trunk when I was working on the anntena but I didn't disconect any thing. Now the transmission won't come out of park. Is any of this related?
  14. This guy will have just what you need. I bought one from him and it worked great. He buys everyone he can get his hands on in Ohio, cleans them up and resells them , his name is Gus the Leux guy E Gus Mancy [emancy@woh.rr.com]
  15. I post a picture as soon as I get it back from the transmision shop. They are the locks that hold the center cap on if that helps.
  16. The Wheels on my 92 Es300 are gold spoked with lexus locking center caps. The emblems are all gold also. So I don't know if this is a gold package car or not. I'm trying to find out if the wheels are stock or not. So far no one can help me with the center hubcap lock. Which is round with a half moon cut out on the side with a pin in the center. The local dealer just has hex type tools. Any Help? Thanks
  17. I don't know if they are after market or not, they do have the Lexus Logo in the center.
  18. It's the center hubcap lock near the edge of the hubcap. It kind of looks like this smiley face if you turned his mouth upside down.
  19. I've got a 92 Es300 with center hubcaps that have a locking device which is round with no hex configuration. It's machined out smooth for about 1/4" with a small half circle on the edge of the bolt with a small pin down inside of this cut out. Does anyone know what kind of lock this is and where I can find a tool? It's not Mcgaurd that I can tell I've looked at all of there stuff on their site. Thanks
  20. My 15 year old son and I are working on a 92 Es300 for him to drive, and the interior color code is LA95 off of the drivers door. That is what Lexus calls taupe which I always thought was more brown in color. But the seats look more like a cross between Medium Taupe and Mauve. I want to order some leather dye and refinish the seats but everything I look at on different web sites doesn't seem to look any thing like the color in the car. Any help on clearing this up?
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