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  1. I was going to change my fuel filter this morning on my 94' ES300. So first step is that I wanted to depressurize the system. I went to take out the fuel pump relay when I noticed it was missing. How is this possible? And my car runs totally fine without it. Doesn't look like it's bypassed neither. Also there was a fuse labeled ST that was also missing.
  2. Does anyone know the location of the gear shift solenoid? I believe its getting stuck and I need to clean it out. I read somewhere that they soaked the solenoid in PB blaster and it fixed the problem. I'm having trouble with the first gear shifting to second. It eventually shifts but at a higher rpm.
  3. Could a heavily clogged catalytic converter make it hard to start up a car. That has happened to me before but I'm still trying to diagnose the problem. I did notice the car was louder and a lot hotter under the hood almost too hot to touch the hood.
  4. Thanks, I plan on heading over to the junkyard today. Hopefully I can find one.
  5. oops didn't mean to reply to my own post lol, meant to edit the first one.
  6. Okay so I was putting everything back together after trying to get to the rear valve cover gasket. I couldn't figure out how to get that large harness out of the way. But when I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find a spot to plug in a particular hose I came to check the tutorial and saw that I had somehow broke off a piece where the hose would have gone. Can anyone tell me what I need to replace to fix this I have no idea what it's called. The yellow arrow is where the hose would be connected. Okay I took the part out and heres what it looks like by itself. The third picture I have a gre
  7. I didn't see anything cracked under the car but I did notice some pretty consistent smoking behind the engine, under the intake manifold. Another thing is that on a few occasions the first start up in the morning, the engine would start but would slowly turn over, like the idle rpm would be really low and slowly go up. . I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I am in the process of replacing the starter contacts, because the starter would click when I turned the key. Would a bad starter cause a start up like that?
  8. Yeah, I know about those boots, I saw both of the outer ones were torn (still in the process of fixing it), but this one is like in the interior side of the spring that goes around the strut i believe. I just found out both of those are in pretty bad condition. Is that in need of urgent repair?
  9. I saw a boot, I have no idea what it's for, the shock absorber? It's located on the inside of the spring and I noticed it was all torn. What's the primary function of that boot? What does it prevent?
  10. Yeah, its as if the sound from the engine isn't being sent to the exhaust at all, maybe something did crack, I'll try to get a look under it tomorrow.
  11. I did notice my engine is louder than usual, very noticeably louder, under the hood. What could this mean?
  12. I told the mechanic that I already had the parts so he wouldn't have to order anything.
  13. The mechanic I went to wants $500 to replace both CV axles, the starter, and both valve cover gaskets. I'm also providing the parts. Is this a solid deal?
  14. Does anyone know how to go about replacing the starter contacts on a 94' es300? I ordered a contact set and it only came with one contact, would the other contact be different? Thanks
  15. How much would it generally cost to replace a valve cover gasket and both cv axles for a 94 es 300? If anyone knows how to replace them how easy is it?
  16. When I go to start up my 94' Lexus ES300 it'll sometimes start but soon die. I'm thinking it's the flywheel from what I've researched so far. The rpms are a bit unstable at idle but once I start driving it's okay. If anyone else has any idea what it may be I would really appreciate it. Okay, I just noticed my fuel pump relay is missing?!?! also a fuse that is labeled SP is missing, I have no idea what that is. Could this be what is causing this? This only happens after I let the car sit for about 10 minutes after driving.
  17. I'm also experiencing this problem, but it usually works after a couple of tries.
  18. well I was at the gas station today and a salesman walked up to me and showed me a demo of a product they were selling. Check it out,, it worked really good.
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