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  1. Im trying to figure out which wires i need to use in my SC400 with the nakamichi system to get power and ground to my Pioneer head unit.
  2. I understand about the whole head unit to the amp in the trunk thing for a 92 SC400 with a nakamichi, but what if im putting a new head unit and a new amp and everything? Does anyone know anything about that?
  3. Is there anyone out there who knows how to install a head unit in a 92 Sc400 with the nakamichi system?
  4. I really need help with the head unit install, does anyone have any suggestions on a site or anything?
  5. I have a 92 sc 400 witht he nakamichi system, if i put in a new head unit, and run a new power cable fromt he battery should it work?
  6. I ahve a sony xplod head unit im tryin to put in my Sc 400. I have tried many different ways to try and get power to it but it isnt working. Can anyone help?
  7. All i need to know is how to get power to a new head unit in my sc400........i have tried a lot of different things and cannot figure it out.
  8. I tried to use a new ground and power and i was getting no power to the head unit.
  9. single, if anyone can tell me what wires need to be used from the lexus for the power and ground i'll be set
  10. im trying to install a sony xplod head unit. If anyone could tell me briefly what needs to be done i can do it.
  11. What all will i need to install my head unit into my 92 lexus sc 400?
  12. I have a 92 lexus sc 400. This might sound ridiculous, but i am trying to find out how to get power to a new head unit. I have installed many head units but i cannot find the power for this.
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