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  1. Btw... guys sorry that I wasn't replying for a while, I was in europe for a month, but now I'm back, and if you need any parts let me know, I still have a bunch left.
  2. I'll also take the timing belt/with pulleys, if they are alsmost new as stated for $70. The whole engine is gone, and I'm sorry but I have higher offer for the center vent.
  3. Only the passenger door interior pull handle is available.
  4. All right, I got it out, thanx a lot bud you were very helpful, once I got the drivers side out and knew how to do it I got the pasenger side out withing couple of minutes. All I had to do is let the window down couple of inches and the push back on the metal bar and came right off, gotta say it would probably be a lot of pain to put it all back together. Thank god I don't have to worry about that.
  5. When I did mine I had to get the bolts all the way out and then the clip would slide out. It is going to look like you can't get it out, but you have to do alot of straining. If the part still works, you might be able to get the bolts out easier with the window down, I don't know because mine was stuck up all the way. But good luck with it. Freeze Made some progress today, but couldn't finish it beacuse I had to run to work but I have it all loose, the window can go down, just couldn't detach the window from the metal bar, but I'll try it agian in the morning when I have some time, guess
  6. Yeah, I had the bolts undone already, two on top, only one on bottom, the bottom part I was able to push in, but the top part I can't move, I can push the bolts in through the whole so it would be loose, do I have to do that before I can push the clip back? I'm just parting the car out, and I sold this part over a week ago, I need to mail it to the guy I'm just stuck at this point, and I was unable to find anything online.
  7. Can anyone help? I'm trying to take out the window regulator, I have the door panel off, I see a bar inside the door going from top to bottom, and on right I see 3 bolts which should be from the window motor/regulator, I undone those, but what do I do now, how do I get it out from there?
  8. I'm trying to replace my windown regulator with the motor, not sure how to do it, but I have the door panel door off, there were screws on the bottom, there was also a screw underneath the leather handle. Think the rest were just clips that pulled off.
  9. I have the door panel off, I unscrewed two bolts on top and one on bottom, that should release the regulator, then to the right there were three bolts which I believe are from the motor, so I undone those, I pushed the bottom part of the regulator in, but not sure how to take it all out of the car, I don't wanna breake the window either. I'm sure it's not hard, how do I go about doing this?
  10. Hey, I tried looking around online for what they sell for but couldn't really find anything, found them in one online junk yard for $300 a piece which is way too much, what sounds like a fair price to you? I'll figure out the shipping later, my quick guess is that to Canada it's going to be around $30. Btw... I haven't taken them out yet but I don't think there is anything wrong with them, the tabs and rubber should all be there.
  11. They're both yours for $100, shipped. Let me know if you want them.
  12. Here are the pictures of it, I took the master window swtich out, am selling it on ebay right now, the speaker cover is gone, wasn't there when I bought, and there is something missing on the bottom, rectangular shape, not sure what it is, it's missing from both doors, and the handle is little dirty. I don't know if it's in better shape then yours or not, but let me know.
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