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  1. ive hit 155 in my 1990 lexus ls400 im still trying to beat that but my lexus is currently messed up
  2. so heres the deal ive been having this problem for a while now tried a couple of things and nothing worked, my acceleration sucks on my 1990 LS400. Ive changed out the cats with new ones, and ive changed the fuel filter cause i was told that MIGHT help but neither did. Its 0-60 in 16.6secs which sucks balls and i dont know why its so slow now. It idles EXTREMELY low like,and when going down the highway at 80mph its running at 900RPM's and i cant seem to figure out why. It takes a while but i can still get it up to 120mph which isnt much considering i used to be able to get to 145mph before id have to slow down. So please give me some input on what you think the problem is. I was reading about someone else having the same problem and a guy mentioned something being wrong with the trunk wiring harness?? and another saying its possible the O2 sensor is F'd up. But again please let me know what you think the problem is and where it is located at possibly some pictures. Thank you so so much
  3. ok so here's the deal I am 17 and i own a 1990 Lexus LS400, i drive the car everyday and one day the acceleration went down the drain. I have gotten many peoples thoughts on it and all i have gotten outta it is the catalytic convertors are either shot/ plugged. i was wondering if anyone could let me know if there having the same problem or if they might know what the problem is. If u do please let me know how to fix it and about how much it would cost please remember i am only a teenager with really limited money so please let me know the cheapest but best way to fix it. Thank you all i really appreciate it :)
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