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  1. Okay...being only 16 years old with limited funds, I like many of you, are looking for inexpensive ways to 'soup up' my sc400. I came across some 'Pyle' dvd/lcd screens for my dash. Anyone familiar with these? ...cheap prices, so I am hesitant. Are they good or just a 'Pile' ... Feedback appreciated :D
  2. Thanks for the replies...I'm goin with a front lip kit or the '97+ upgrade, the fog light 'upgrade' (for night time light pattern), as well as chrome exhaust tips. I am also considering a set of staggered racing wheels, which will look quite nice on my black sc4. Still I long for the bigger front grill like the 430, but I doubt such a mod is possible ? Anyways, as it is clear to see you all know quite a bit about this stuff...so anysuggestions would be GREAT :D . Thanks, I enjoy learning from you all.
  3. I'm not sure what it is, but unless it is in black or red, it just looks like an old camry to me....anyways my car is a '92, and under the hood, it burns my friends cars, but i need to keep up aesthetically, because they drive new RSXs, and BMW 3 series and such, the interiors and exterior desgins are a WHOLE lot sleeker IMO. Anyways, thanks for the link. On second thought, I do think many body kits are nice, but I just don't have the money. I already put new rims on my car, and replaced the shift knob, and added a wood grain dash kit in order to 'update' the look, which i think helped. But any other suggestions are GREATLY appreciated as this is my first car and I have small funds :(
  4. Hi all, I am new here and I have browsed through old posts but I do not think any answer my question. I have an sc400 I bought mainly because it was quite powerful and nice-looking, however I feel the need to upgrade it's look in order to keep up with my friends' new cars, and I do not care for ground effects. So, I was wondering if it is possible to perhaps make the front of the sc4 look more like the sc430 with that nice grill as it would freshen the look a bit. And, if so, what would be the estimate on this? Thanks in advance!