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  1. Not able to find any instructions on the servo removal and cleaning. Could you happen to know a link to a specific post in the forum? Thanks,
  2. On my 2000 RX300, there is a noise coming from the center console like behing the console where the shifter, radio and temparature control area. The noise starts as soon as the ignition is switched, even before the engine is turned on. It is like a rattling, turning noise. Not too loud but enough that you can hear it. Please let me know if anyone have had this or heard of this; and if there is a fix. Thanks,
  3. I've purchase an antenna mast to replace my broken one on my 2000 RX300... The mast is an aftermarket, inexpensive one but stainless steel nevertheless. When I install it, the motor does not take up the full length of the new mast. Like I have leftovers... Could it be because the old one has left a broken piece in the antenna housing? If it is, can someone tell me if you have experienced this and how I can get it out of the antenna? Thanks!
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