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  1. I have a bearing going bad by the sounds coming from the front of my '98 GS300. Attempted to remove serpentine belt by pulling on the bolt head in the middle of the idler pulley and the bolt slipped. Could not move the idler pulley to loosen the belt. Is the idler pulley bad? Why would the bolt rotate instead of allow for the loosening of the belt? Have removed the belt several times. Very easy procedure.
  2. Have bought two used Lexus' recently-one from a dealer and one from an individual. Both had the spare Wallet and Transponder Card. Neither wallet key would insert into the ignition. Comparing the wallet key and the Master key, the keys were cut differently. Why? The ignition could not have been replaced on both cars? Can any one explain? Otherwise, they are the best used vehicles on the market. The 2000 GS300 with 55K miles is in almost showroom condition-11 + years old. What a great product!!
  3. Our 2005 RX330 rear tailgate actuator mechanism rattles, when you shake the open tailgate. Rattle is located above the roof liner. I have an Owners Manual, but is gives very little detail on Roof Liner removal, tailgate actuator motor and mechanism, etc. I need to remove the roof liner to determine what needs to be tightened on the tailgate actuator. Are there any tricks to removing the roof liner. I assume the removal of the side panels are required to expose bolts securing the liner. Also, the hand holds (handles above the doors) must be removed. Anything else? I do most of the family's car repairs. I am tempted to just start diassembling, but have gotten some very accurate information on my two previous posts. Always want to work smart, and a little less hard. Thanks in advance for assistance.
  4. Good stuff! Very technical! Based on your details. it must be the driver side servo. I will follow your diagnosis instructions to confirm. I also can now replace the air filter. See the dirty displays at the auto parts store counter, but did not realize replacement did not require major dash disassembly. Another weekend project. Thanks again for thorough and quick response.
  5. The A/C blower motor in my 98 GS300 with 138K miles has been making noises primarily at low speeds for many months. The noise sounds like louvers being actuated continuously. Not sure how else to describe it. Blower works fine at all speeds. My questions are: 1. Is the bearing on the motor slowly failing? 2. Where is the blower located? How do I access it. I enjoy car maintenance and plan to replace it myself. Cannot be more involved than replacing a 92 LS400 starter! Under the intake manifold-what were the Japanese thinking? When the auto parts store tech told me where it was mounted, I assumed he was pulling my leg. Thanks in advance for any input.