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  1. I just bought a 1999 GS400 with 110K miles on it and I am new to this forum. I have read about the steering wheel vibration at speed of about 60mph. So last Thursday night, I replaced both ball joints. And those of you who have done this job know about using cotter pins after the nuts have been tightened. I read the torque value for the nuts are 119 ft-lbs. The hole for the cotter pins will not necessarily unobstructed after applying the torque value. My question is: Which is better, to under-torque or over-torque these nuts (for these cotter pins)? A related question is: Is it okay to replace these nuts with self-locking nuts (which will make the cotter pins irrelevant)? Thanks in advance. Btw, my 60mph steering wheel vibration is gone, I think. It's been raining here in NorCal so I have not taken the car out much. Mario