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  1. Sorry you had a unsatifactory result. I didn't. I went from no lights WHAT-SO-EVER on the Speedo and Fuel and Temp, to lights that, although maybe not quite as good as the OEM, were at least visible! That is a huge deal! On a bright day, you can't see the needles AT ALL due to the contrast and at night the needles were invisible, so it solved the problem. The "sham" I fell for was the problem was corrected for about $200. This is really a safety issue that you would think, Toyota would have corrected. Bad engineering, really.
  2. I just wanted everyone to know the solution I found to this problem. A few years ago my Speedo meter needle began flickering and got worse and worse, followed by the Tach needle and finally the fuel gauge needle. It really became an issue and I recently, successfully fixed it all for under $250. I watched a very instructive YouTube video on how to R&R the dash, and shipped it off to a guy in Tennessee called LEXTECH Lighting, he fixed it and returned it to me here in California in about 14 days. (The local Lexus Dealer had quoted me $1400 to fix it.) Anyway, just wanted to let others know there is a solution to this HUGE problem!!