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  1. 1992 LS 400 I have to part ways I hate to say goodbye but its time. So I offer to my forum brothers first. Im in southern new jersey. The car starts and moves but picks up speed slow not sure what the problem is just ready to get rid of it. Its a good project for the diy's in the group or parts for an exsiting project. Was driven everyday up until about 2 weeks ago.
  2. My gas cap had serious pressure build up....then after the car ran out of gas one day...I heard a small poof noise...now I smell raw fuel coming from the trunk where the tank is ....could there be a gas line that split or came off going to the tank..that has caused it...the smell of gas is unbearable at times..the car still runs great even with 235,000 miles...so i really want this problem resolved...any help guys would be greatly apprieciated
  3. The light shows up as soon as I start the engine. I changed the front brakes and rotors but not the back the front was severly worn. So maybe they need to be bled or I need to just change the back. Thanks guys for your suggestions and I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  4. I have a 92 ls 400 and the trac warning light used to blink now it just stays on Im sure the blinking was code but didnt know how to read it now it just stays on looking for a few answers please help
  5. When i got the car about a month ago the light wasnt on. Then the front brakes started grinding and the abs light started to blink Im sure it was code but i dont know how to read the blinks. Then it started to stay on. I changed the front brakes but now the light wont go off. Could it be that the brake system needs to be bled. If so could someone give me the steps on how? I hope this is the solution. This is the last remaining problem all other dash lights are out and its driving me crazy because its taking away the natural beauty of the instument cluster. PLease HELP!!
  6. nc211 and jchrome thanks a million I found the trunk hinge wires...there were two that was completely split apart. After reconnetion every that wasn't working now works. The reverse lights now work and the lights that are on the lid of the trunk now work as well. I can't tell you guys how much money ya'll saved me not to mention headache. I also took you guys advice and did the seafoaming....I used it in all three place brake booster, oil, and gas tank. I noticed the difference almost immediatly after the process. Now I have another question my ABS light started blinking a few weeks ago now it stays on as. I think thats the reason the trac on/off light stays on as well. What do I do to get it to go off. It is the only light lit on my dash and annoys me. Please help!!! I plan on doing the throttle body cleaning this weekend if Lexus has the gasket in stock. Could the rear brakes need to be replaced and thats why the abs light stays on???
  7. I owe you guys all a beer!!!! I located the wiring loom in tghe trunk and disconnected and drove around the block and it shifted!!!!! The reverse indicator went out and everything. To think I was about to spend a load of money for a new tranny. I had to plug it back in because none of the lights worked int he rear but I now know the problem and it should be an easy fix. I also plan on getting the seafoam today and putting it in the brake booster. I cant get to the throttle body cleaning until this weekend. How easy it is. That makes this car a steal at $1100 bucks. I'm glad the previous owner didnt know about this forum. I'l be sure to rub it in his face though. Nah I'll play nice. I'll just suggest that he do his research first. Thanks again guys I'll post pics later this week.
  8. I have the exact same problem only mines wont come out of first. this only happens when the lights are on. If you have found a solution please let me know. I'll do the same
  9. I have a 92 LS400 it has 222,328 miles as of today.
  10. OK guys here's the scenario. I just purchased a 92 Lexus LS 400 about a month and a half ago. It has 222,000 miles on it but the engine purrs like a kitten. I purchased the car for a $1000. I have been reading the forum and you guys are the best at giving options for repair. I am not wealhty by a long shot in fact I'm pretty broke sometimes. I tinker around under the hood from time to time but nothing major. The car has some minor and major issues but I'm willing to take a chance because I know these cars are well built and last a very long time. I have another vehicle so this is my project car. Please Help 1.Traction control light comes on and stays on and yes I've pressed the button on and off. 2. The gas tank has a lot of air pressure when I take off the cap for refuel 3. The car sputters like crazy and sometimes even shuts off. After the car warms up ( about 15 to 20 minutes of driving ) it doesn't sputter as much. It seems like the coils could be bad or something along those lines. I really have no clue. 4. Transmission troubles!! The car shifts in the daytime but when I turn the headlights on at night it doesn't shift out of first gear and the reverse indicator stays lit even while in drive. The reverse lights don't work ( I changed the bulbs) I'm taking a guess at saying it's because the transmission is shot. Should I get a used tranny from somewhere or buy the rebuilders kit. Either way I won't be performinig the operation but just thought I should ask. 5. Drivers seat only comes up on one side 6. LCD panel is blacked out 7. A/C dosen't blow cold air could be coolant or could be compressor have to get back to you guys on that. 8. Factory rear subwoofer is gone and the wires are cut to the amplifier. Only have door speakers. Also has a aftermarket pioneer radio. 9. I can put the rear windows down from the driver side but not back up and the passenger window only goes up or down from the driver side. Thank you guys in advance I know I'll get plenty of tips and advice on how to bring this baby back to glory. I plan on putting a few pics up. She is a beauty in and out and I know she's worth it.