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  1. My 2007 ES250 had the roof seal deterioration problem. I got NO satisfaction from two different dealers. My car was the laughing stock of the employee parking lot. Every cold snap would result in a new wind whistling whip. Over the years it needed only a few minor warranty repairs, (1 coil pack, 1 warped brake rotor, one compact disc player, a transmission reprogramming). I was very proud of my red ruby. Last February was my first, non-warranty repair - alternator replaced. The factory original battery had lasted from 2006 until January 2019, it gave up the ghost after the car sat unused for over a week during the Christmas holidays. Other than that VERY CONSPICUOUS flaw, the car was PERFECT. No scratches, no dings, no rust, no tears. With over 222,000 miles, the engine was running strong with no signs of oil usage.There was NOTHING in the car that did not work as designed. Even the power rear window shade, which prevented the glass from showering over me when a Mercedes utility truck decided to put his front bumper where the back seat used to be. Despite being pushed into two other vehicles. Despite being accordion-ed like that, not a drop of fluid on the pavement and my lexus was driven onto the wrecker. The Mercedes had created a very large lake of engine oil. My coworkers were surprised that I would even consider another Lexus after what was happening to my panoramic roof (and lack of manufacturer support). Lexus safety and reliability - yes , panoramic roof - NEVER, not even free with a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately the UX 200 F sport was not available without the cheap toy car looking plastic wheel lips reminiscent of the 90's Subaru's. Ironically, I purchased a red metallic Subaru Impreza wagon. Not as powerful, not as luxurious, but just as safe and reliable, and looks as classy as my ES350 ruby, before the roof turned to ...
  2. I also have a panoramic roof on a 2007 es350. Last week, after I cleared our first snow off the car, I saw a 1 inch loop of gasket material hanging at the front of the roof where it meets the windshield. In the past ten days the loop has trippled in size and is matched by a second loop on the other side. Today there is another loop at the rear edge of this panel. I have not had a chance to consult a dealer yet. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with this.
  3. We will turn 75K this weekend on our 2007, Deeler performed 75K srvice today. In past three years: front rotors (warped) at 30k - warranty cut rotors - OK recent tires (not much selection) . rear braks were done last summer, needs front brake service NOW. rear strut replaced under extended warranty - ran over tire carcass. Rear license plate screws corroded so poorly could not remove - dealer replaced - no charge. streaking on pass side windshield (depression in glass) - dealer replaced wiper blade - better going to dealer for service is NOT CHEAP, but I have put over 1500 miles on their loaners. The car is very well made. Todays 2010 loaner had only 1K miles and I feel mine rides just as nice and I appreciate the premium features, HOWEVER Upgrading the NAV with the latest map is far too expensive and the Lexus computer is retarded, compared to the '98 Buick Ultra I traded in.