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  1. My dealer replaced the battery at no charge when I recently bought a $5.00 part. Try it. This is probably the best way to solve the problem. Maybe they can tell you if one battery fits all Lexus fob keys. Post an answer for us.
  2. Did you get you keyfob fixed. I'm having the same problem.. I Pulled the EFI and Dome Fuses, then the problem occurred. Thanks
  3. I have a 1992 SC400 with a fair amount of rust near the fuel filter, fittings, on the fuel lines, and the exhaust manifold. It had been driven by a college boy on winter, salty roads. I bet he never washed the undercarriage (it is kind of hard to wash it unless you have on a rack or jack the Lexus up a bit). I’m going to apply navel jelly to the fuel fittings, etc. and attempt to replace the fuel filter. I know the fittings are easy to strip!!! I definitely do not want to get any rust or metal in the fuel line {bad for the injectors, etc.} I am really tempted to put a larger TOYOTA type fuel filter on as a replacement.. But I’m leery about getting away from OEM parts. Since this a pressurized line, are there any preliminary precaustious. Any suggestions?
  4. I have a 1992 SC400 and will be in Oahu in about 10 days. I usually stay at Hickam AFB (I'm retired military). You can e mail me at delsecure@gmail.com . You didn't list mileage or if you have any records. My first guess is that your fuel filter hasn't been changed or if it was: they may have screwed up the fittings {they are very easy to strip) going to the fuel line. I'd google Y Tube {Lexus - sea foam} you get a good idea what some teenagers did when they put Sea Foam (through the PCV opening).. You'll hear what the engine sounds like. Remember this engine is mainly meant to sync with the transmission for ultra smooth shifting. I'll bet the transmission fluid is old. Valves maybe sticking. Make a decision. 1) Change the T. fluid and filter 2)or flush the whole T. system. 3) or syphon out 12 oz of old T. fluid and add LUBEGARD® ATF Protectant (its an additive T. mechanics use when they rebuild). Also google their website - you can get videos, etc. Remember they have not put whale oil (ESTERS) in Trans fluid since 1973. There are a heck of a lot people that don't realize that engines and transmissions run hotter with newer models (meaning cars made after 1975). Get the engine and Trans. purring before you worry about the sound. See http://www.autospeed.com/S_4/cms/section.html for some great articles.
  5. You may want to look at the Hydraulic Cooling Fan Pump LEXUS SC400 ( on 92 93 94 models) I have a 92 with a similar problem. also having to replace the Surpen.tensioner with pulley and (since there are so many parts taken off) replace the water pump. I am having to do this now. Cost >$1000. Check for the replacement parts for C. FAn Pump. My dealer in GA said the shaft is about to be discontinued {wonder how he knows that??} but the spaces and other internals are fairly cheap.
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