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  1. The car (2001 GS300) is at work with my wife, so I can't more closely examine the scratches right now. It's the sea foam green color. Thanks for the meguires product info - I'll look into that (I assume if the scratches aren't too deep).
  2. While backing up in tight quarters, I carelessly "slid past" a manzanita bush, and it left several visible scratches on the quarter panel. Doesn't look like they went all the way through the paint, but I'm not sure. What kind of pro should I take this to to get it fixed? (and do you know any in the San Jose area you'd recommend). I don't really trust myself with abrasives/caly/polishers. Unless it really is an easy task. Thanks for the suggestions, in advance.
  3. OK, I'm back after a hiatus (school finishing up). We've got the cash for the car, and have settled on a 2001 due to the improvements made from 2000-2001. We've looked at a few gs300s at dealers, and some questions have come up: How much would a replacement taillight (the red/orange/clear part, not the bulb) cost from a dealer? From eBay? Should the hood have the VIN number on it? I couldn't find it on both cars I looked at. Should the metal body section in front of the radiator have the VIN number on it? I couldn't find it on both cars I looked at. One car I looked at had original "fenders" (not sure if this is the right name for the part above the front wheels) based on the VINs, but the two main bolts visible fron under the hood appear to have been removed (as if it were in an accident). Any legitimate reasons for this (suspension replacement, 19" wheel install, etc)??? Can I get replacement/upgraded Nav DVDs from somewhere other than the dealer? (a friend has a DVD burner) Thanks for the help! -Nwahs
  4. Are you saying I can just replace the hard drive parts of the "old" nav system to turn it into a "new" DVD system, for $500? If so, I think that's the ticket!
  5. Thanks Steve. I was going to avoid a 98 for that very reason. Guess I'll check out the NAV differences, and see if that makes a difference to me. And I'll see if nav is worth the price difference. Thanks, and keep those opinions coming!
  6. Thanks Tom for the heads up. Via the search function, I'd seen that the DVD started on the 2001s, but I guess not. Can anybody else confirm? I'll have to go look at some, but wanted to get more "ammo" before I go to the dealers. Also, anybody have any advise for buying off eBay???
  7. Hi - I'm new here, just joined today. I'll be buying a USED GS300 for my wife in a few months, and want to do my research first. We're looking at 98-2001, but concentrating on 99-2000 for $$ reasons. Is there any year (or period of a year) to avoid? If so, why? What things specific to the GS300 should I look at during inspections/test drives/etc? I'd really like to get a navigation system. If I buy one without it, can I buy one and install it (plug and play)? Thanks in advance for all the advise.