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  1. Thanks alot, excellent site, found the part number 77252-50010
  2. New to the fORUM : My mechanic friend was replacing fuel filter in my 1993 LS 400 and damaged the fuel hose . Can someone provide me the OEM part number for the hose that goes fron FUEL filter to Gas tank. Thanks
  3. I have exact same problem on my 93 LS400. It only happens on extremly cold morning for a minute or less when I start the car than that radiator light disappears. I drive normally after that and so far nothing happens. I checked the fluid level and its fine.
  4. VMF I am not sure myself what exactly the problem is. Some time it works OK , then all of a sudden it makes loud noise (like police siren) on right side speaker. I also noticed that right side speaker vol is always very low as compare to left side. Now I have to turn the vol almost on max in order to listen the cass. All the above happens when I use cass, radio works ok w/o any problem and w/o any vol ,loss. I have used a tape cleaner but that didn't help. Any clue what else it can be
  5. I have a 93 LS 400 which has a distorted sound and low vol on right side speaker when Cass is on. Radio works fine and speakers works ok when radio is on. I spoke to "Factory car Stereo Repair, Inc. " in FL and they think it is Amplifier. They told me that it is located on the right side of the trunk, I couldn't find it. Can you guys tell me where to find it and how to remove it. I have a Pioneer stereo system without CD.
  6. I was driving (93 LS 400) yesterday on highway at 80 MPH with AC on (medium speed), all of a sudden it spits water (around 3 to 4 OZ) from the duct under steering. I continued driving and nothing else happened. Any clue what can cause this ?
  7. Lexie I didn't clean clean out that solenoid filter, in fact I am not technical at all, my mechanic is working on it. Can you tell how to clean that ? I tried to race the car while parked but that didn't help. As I mentioned earlier when I race it works OK but as soon as it goes idol it gets hard again. Also it doesn't make any noise when I turn the steering (during race). I used Dextron Trans fluid and oil level is OK as well. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am trying to get a OEM pump, if anybody knows a cheaper place, let me know.
  8. I just got power steering pump (93 LS 400, 119000) replaced with Autozone (part 5175). Once the pump was replaced ,my mechanic filled the resvr. with Dextron trans fluid. Now it is not working on idol and steering is extremly hard on idol, once the gas pedal is pressed steering starts softened up. Any clue , is the pump bad, or mechanic forgot to connect something back. He did recheck everything and suggested that pump is bad.
  9. I have a 93 LS400 with 191000 miles. I live in central New Jersey and looking for good mechanic (not dealer) preferbly in NJ or PA or DE area.
  10. I noticed that my 1993 LS400 (119000 miles) power steering pump just started leaking. I took it to the Toyota dealer and they are asking $650 + tax to replace the pump and washer. I spoke to another mechanic and he is suggesting to replace the alternator at the same time, he said sooner the alternator is going to to be gone, and he is asking $1000 to replace both. I need some suggestions, shoul I just replaced the steering pump or both , and also $1000 is alot for me. Does anyone knows any good mechanic in NJ, PA or DE area. I live in central New jersey. Also can I used rebuild parts instead of OEM, I am planning to keep this car for another few years. Thanks in Advance
  11. 91LS400 I sent the entire unit to them. I talked to Eddy at Mikado and he quoted me $250 including overnight shipping. Didn't go through EBAY.
  12. :D I just got A/C climate Control fixed for 93 LS400, excellent service from MIkado Tech. It took only two days from door to door (NJ - CA). Total cost $250 including overnight shipping from CA to NJ.
  13. I bought this car couple of months ago with 113000 miles. I have already replaced (OEM) SP, Cords, Rotors, Dist Caps, Air Filter, fuel filter, PCV, two front O2 sensors, timing belt, water pump and serpentine belt. Just replaced all 4 tires with Michelen and also had 4 wheel alignment. Recently had Fuel injection service. After having all the above, I still get 20 MPG on HWY and 17-18 in city. Also car rides OK on smooth road but on slight bumpy road, it really reacts. There are no noises coming out. I checked the struts at the shop and they are OK. Needs advise and suggestion on both issues.
  14. I bought 1993 ls400 few weeks ago. After tuning and changing front two oxygen sensors it passed the inspection. Now I am noticing that it doesn't start in extreme cold weather (15F, -10 C). It started OK once the temperature goes up. It has a brand new battery and starter takes the full crank. Took it to Toyota dealer and they are still not sure what the problem is. Any help, suggestion ? I am new to lexus and this forum as well
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