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  1. Umm... anybody?? no thoughts, recommendations, help? hmmm.... First time poster to this forum.. anybody?
  2. Very nice Grand LS!! I am impressed. So, the first question is why I have come here and why your topic has been the reasoning for my first post... I work on friends' cars all the time, and I have recently come upon a starter replacement project on a 1997 LS 400. This will be my first time working on an LS and it seems relatively straight forward and simple only due to the recognizable features from your pics. The main question I was walking into was the ORIGINAL question you asked... What gaskets will I need and other equipment will be needed. With exception to the 14 mm flare nut wrench, I am very confident my garage holds all equipment needed. If I have read the whole topic correctly, it looks as if the only gaskets needed will be for the rear coolant by-pass manifold (2) and the intake manifold lower gaskets (2). I do have a few questions right off: 1. Do I need to drain the coolant in order to work on this project? It looks as if, if I need to, i only need to drop out a little to decrease the heighth below that of the bypass manifold. 2. Via diagram received from a pdf doc. d-loaded from this site, I see a front coolant by-pass manifold... will this need to come off as well? If so, 2 more gaskets? 3. I see the part numbers, and hence, I know the gaskets needed. The starter has already been bought... and, this is not my money being spent on parts, but it is a friend I would like to save a bit of money for. Thus, my question is where would be the best place to get a hold of these gaskets at an affordable price? I plan on beginning this project on Sunday, and if plans go correctly, finishing on Sunday. But, I am giving myself Monday as well. I mention my start dates and times so i can get these gaskets in ASAP before Sunday. Stealership.. errrr, dealership costs I assume will be extreme and high. Let me reiterate, it is not MY money, but I would like to save some $$$ for my friend. If the dealership and online costs are not that far off, then the local dealer may be a good answer seeing my time frame. 4. To gain the best knowledge and experience of what I am fixing to encounter, I would love to talk via a phone call. I am off on Tuesday, October 23rd, and would LOVE to borrow a few minutes in the interest of getting an LS back up on the road in great condition. Although I am not familiar with this paricular forum too much, I am including my ph. # temporarily since I cannot seem to message you privately... call if you can, otherwise, I will be on my own knowledge with this LS... 205.422.5468 Thanks for the great posting, pics and all the answered questions GRAND! Michael H.
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