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  1. My '99 GS 400 steering column 'groans' when it extends. It seems to happen in the summer months , after the car has been sitting in the sun. Could the gear box that controls the steering column adjustment need lube? Does anyone have an idea how to repair?
  2. My '99 GS400 has Riken Raptors on them. Around $100- $115 each on them. Good value, handling but, a little loud. Is there such a thing as a speed rated tire that handles well , is quiet and rides nice? I have factory 17" rims.
  3. I am looking for the connectors and a wiring diagram for a 2002 GS 430 stock Pioneer radio to replace the stock '99 GS 400 Pioneer radio. Any ideas?
  4. My '99 GS 400 sunshade rattles. Any fixes?
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