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  1. Toyota sent out a message that they are going to address the peeling paint after 15yrs. I painted the hood and roof of my truck which cost about $ 2000 but now my 04 GX is peeling in other places. Front quarter panel and doors. I hope they address this soon.
  2. I live in Long Island, NY and I just went to an area where there were a lot of collision shop and one shop gave me a great price and my truck looks like her old self again. She's no longer the ugly duckling. lol, I got sick of looking at the hood and the roof peeling, the GX470 looked like she had eczema.
  3. I was hoping that with all of the complaints Lexus would have stepped up and done what was right and fix the problem. It seems to be all the paint with a pearl finish appear to have this problem. I bought the GX470 brand new shipped from Japan. And I took great care of it, hand cleaned mostly and waxed at least twice a year, but always kept clean. It really *BLEEP*es me off to see the paint peel like it did. I had it painted and now I see I'll have to have the rims done also, as there starting to peel. Good Luck to all of you and if there are any changes with Lexus , let the group know.
  4. I might give salt or other chemicals from the road but the peeling is also happening on the roof of my truck. I'm 6' and have to step up on the side rails to see it. I just happened to look out of my house window and discovered that the roof was also peeling. If you look on the internet it's not just Lexus it also a lot of Toyota customers complaining about peeling paint. I just feel like if you spend over $50,000 on a vehicle you shouldn't have these problems.
  5. I also own a 04 GX 470 Blizzard Perl and the paint on the hood and the roof are peeling bad. It started out like small spots on the hood and it just kept peeling and peeling. And it seems that this freezing cold weather on Long Island NY is only helping to speed up the process. I was also told by Lexus that they never heard of this, but I continue to see people complaining about this. Lexus and Toyota are having problems with paint peeling. My sister owns a Prius and her paint is peeling.
  6. I'm having the same problem on the hood of my 04 GX blizzard pearl, and was told by a body shop that it would cost a couple grand to fix. I'm sure Lexus knows their's a problem, what we need is a recall. It's a shame when you buy a lexus brand new and this happens. I'll remember this next time I go to spend $56,000. I've never seen this problem on a mercedes.