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  1. Hello can someone help me out cause i cant seem to locate this clunking sound from the right rear end.. I have checked the exhaust hangers, I have checked the bar bushings and i removed the wheels to check for anything loose but i cant figure.... It usually occurs when i drive over bumps or potholes and also when i make right turns.. It sounds more or less like a clunk, clunk,, and i am just hoping that it doesnt create any damage.. I have taken it to a few mechanics but they cant find it either... Any help will be appreciated... Thanks for listening..
  2. Hello i getting this rear end clunking noise when i am driving slowly over bumps and it seems to be getting worse.. I think it could be the strut mounts but i checked them and they look good so I will be poking around to see if anything is loose.. If anyone can steer me in the right direction I will deeply appreciate it.. Thanks for any help...
  3. Hello i think I previously mentioned a noisy motor on my RX300 a few weeks ago and I found out that it was the flexpipe that seems to be a common problem with these.. I received the pipe two days ago from RockAuto and it was an exact fit. If you do change yours make sure you order the gaskets because they are not included and mine were in pieces so i had to run out and get them.. I am writing here because after installing the flexpipe I started the car and the noise was gone BUT i noticed some smoke coming up for a little while and I wanted to know if this is normal. I know that it is a brand new pipe but I wanted to make sure before I do anything else.. Thanks all for any help..
  4. Hello guys i just wanted to know if anyone knows of a good spot to get a Reflex Reflector for my Lexus 2008 RX350?
  5. Hello all does anyone know where I could buy a rear left side marker light for my Lexus ES350 please? Thanks for any help..
  6. Thanks EDBRO for the help and it does sound very difficult but i think i will give it a try because this light is also out. Just to make sure i am talking about the indicator light on the actual gear shifter that says P R N D 2 1 Please let me know if you can help and thanks again.
  7. More likely the bulb.....as it doesn't sound like you have any other lights out. Thanks for the help.. Would you happen to know how to get to this bulb??
  8. Hello all i have an RX300 from 2001 and i would like to know if anyone could help me find the fuse that controls the lights on the hand shifter?? I have checked all of the fuses and they all seem okay. Please any help will be appreciated.. Thanks alot