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  1. Thanks, is the spring located inside the panel?
  2. I have taken my 2018 RX450HL into Lexus three times to fix the issue of the fuel door not locking in the open position when I pull it open,it will just flop back. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Try to video tape,and keep taking it back. At some point ask to speak to the service manager then demand some action
  4. after four trips and showing the service manager of a video of what the stereo was doing I finally got them to replace the radio, no problems since
  5. I had the same problem about a month ago, my stereo started changing modes randomly on its own and spitting out CD's. The dealer said they had never heard of it, but then called me the next day and said there was a service bulletin on it. It was an internal short, and they replaced the stereo.
  6. My screen will switch from any audio screen tab to SAT on its own. No consistency on when it does it. I made sure it wasn't me accidently touching the mode switch button on the steering wheel. Has anyone else experienced this? Of course when I took it into the dealer they could not duplicate it and said they had not heard of anyone else having the problem.
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