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  1. I bought Toyo's TPT last year at $70 each installed and that was wholesale. Same tire now is about $50 each installed. Based on the prices. They doubled (and the MXV$ more). I hope they say thanks andn smile when you leave.....LOL Thanks for all the comments. I am going to go to a local tire shop and go with the Turanza. I agree with everyone, dealers are good for some things, others their prices are overboard.
  2. I put a set of the Assurance's on my 99 ES and I love them. Smooth as glass, quiet and they hold the road. Really nice tread pattern (like sport tires). Has the best overall rating you can get at tirerack.com. From what I undersantd the center of the tread pattern has a compound made with pumice (volcanic rock) and works well on ice. I see them on a lot of cars now. I've had them for about 3Kmi. so far. Time will tell how well the hold up. Thanks for all the comments. The size of the tires is 205/60R16. I did a search of tires on this site and narrowed my list to Bridgestone, Michelin, and Toyo. I also spoke to my dad who drives a LS400 and did a price comparison between Lexus dealer, local tire shop and Sam's club. Local tire shop Michelin MXV4-$134.95 a piece, 4 tires-$620.37. Bridgestone Turanza EL41-$99.95 a piece, 4 tires-$471.00 Toyo $104.95 apiece, 4 tires -$493.00. Sam's club-Sams does not sell Bridgestone or Toyo. Michelin MXV4-$134.04 a piece. Lexus dealer-Michelin MXV4-$173.00 a piece. Bridgestone Potenza RE92-$135.00 a piece. Decided to go with the Bridgestone Turanza EL41 tires. I am going to get them this Sat. Again, I appreciate the help.
  3. Hello, I am in the market for new tires for my 2000 ES300. Currently I have the Mastercraft 205/60 R16 Avenger LSR's on the car. I drive a lot so I am looking for good quality tires, not necessarily ones that give a quiet ride, but durable long lasting ,that do well in the snow. I spoke to the Lexus dealer who offers two brands (I did not get the specific model names) Bridgestone and Michelin. The Bridgestone are $128.00 a piece and Michelin are $173.00. According to the dealer the Bridgestone would be better for what I am looking for; they are more durable while the Michelin give a softer rider. The total for having the Michelins put on is $962.00, which is ridiculous. I spoke to a local tire shop that I trust, in regards to the most durable they suggested the Goodyear Assurance tires which are rated for 80K miles. At $102.95 a piece, they would charge $484.69 to put the tires on. He also said that he could order the Mastercraft tires. I would like to get everyone's expertise on the following questions: Are Goodyear tires good? What about Mastercraft? How about Bridgestone or Michelin? I bought the car with 70K miles on it, Mastercraft were the tires that were on it. They do terrible in the snow, but no other complaints. Twice I have gotten nails stuck in them, one time the nail was not in the thread. But each time I have had them patched and they work great other than driving in snow or ice. Thanks.
  4. It could be the timing belt, I had my timing belt replaced by a private mechanic, and the same thing happened. But of course, I can't say for sure without know the code. Take it to a dealer that you trust. Check out my thread, "Check Engine Light Continually Comes On". Hope things work out.
  5. Lexususk8, you were right on the money. I couldn't get off from work, so I had my dad take the car to a different Lexus dealership. The one that I had earlier mentioned seemed more professional over the phone. The Technician did a check of the system and excluded the charcoal canister, no errors were found. When he included the canister in the check, an error came up. That seemed to be the problem. Since he replaced it, I have not yet had any problems. I'll have to wait and see though, usually it would take a week before the light would come back on. My dad showed the tech, my receipts from the other Lexus dealer and he could not understand why they did what they did. If I had the time on my hands, I would probably go back to the original Lexus dealer and give them a piece of my mind :chairshot: . Thanks for all the helpful comments. The lesson I learned is that you must be careful about which Lexus dealer you choose to have your car serviced at.
  6. Thank you Jbrubaker, JPI, and skperformance for all the advice and helpful comments. I am also very curious LexusFreak as to what is causing this. My car works perfectly otherwise. I am going to take your comments with me to the dealer and hopefully they will resolve it. I am going to a different dealer, just from talking to the service dept over the phone, they seem more professional. I'll let every know the outcome.
  7. Thanks for the advice chubyball. I'll post back with a response when I find the cause of the issue.
  8. Ok, here is the problem I am having. I will give you the complete history. I bought my 2000 ES 300 in October. I did not buy it from a Lexus dealer. A week after I got it the Check engine light came on. I took it to a Lexus dealer who said that the timing belt needed to be replaced. The car was fine for two months. I took it to my private mechanic to have the oil changed. A week later the check engine light came on, took it back to the Lexus dealer. They said that the oxygen sensor needed to be replaced and that probably the oil change had nothing to do with it. Six days later the light came back on, took it back to the same Lexus dealer (that was a mistake). Supposedly the gas cap was causing the problem- now I did not believe them, because when I first got the car and the light came on I replaced the cap myself. How can a cap go bad in a matter of two months? On top of that just to replace the gas cap, they charged me $84.00. I'm driving to work this morning, guess what happens. Check engine light came back on. I called a different Lexus dealer and they are going to look at the car Thurs morning. I know that the check engine light can be caused by a number of things. My car works great, it's just that this light continues to come on. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of this happening? I have almost resigned myself to the fact that I may have to live with this :( .
  9. Thanks Blake, Work is real busy, but once I find time I will post pics of my Lex. I wonder how you figured out it was a 2000 ES Platinum series. ;) I am going to definitely pick some Lexol up. I appreciate the words of wisdom.
  10. Hello, I just recently bought a 2000 ES 300. What would be ideal to clean the leather with and to prevent it from hardening? What should I use to clean the interior wood trim, and alloy rims? What can I use on the tires to keep them glossy and shiny, that is long-lasting? Thanks for the help.