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  1. thanks for your reply. i'll check the fuses first. but just in case, how do you remove the panel? is it easy to do? since i enjoy working on my truck, i'm going to crack at it first.
  2. i have a 97 lx450 that i really love. i had a question for all members. parts of the dashboard lighting seems to be fading/not on when i turn on the lights at night. bottom two rows of climate control section suddenly does not light up....where it reads low, med, hi......and then right below...numbers indicating temperature ....the top two rows work just fine... also at the bottom of the main shifter, it doesn't come on when i turn on the lights..... you know..the one with p, r, n, d, 1, 2,... what could be the problem? and best solution for it? dealer job? or diy? would appreciate y
  3. i already tried it but it doesn't seem to come off. i tried pulling it forward like you stated but it feels like it's stuck. are you sure there's only one skrew that need to be removed?
  4. i'm trying to replace a left parking/front side marker light on lx450. bought a light bulb and tried replacing it but i have trouble getting to it. unskrewed at the top of the side marker unit but the thing doesn't come off. do i need to remove headlight unit to get to it? does anyone have experience in this? would appreciate a step by step process if possible.
  5. thanks for your input on this. yeah, i didn't think there was much to do about it. and i got rid of my fat !Removed! wife and got myself a skinny one. no just jk... my wife is wonderful and very fit. maybe it's my 4 mth old son.. :D
  6. i bought a 97 lx450 with 62,000 mi about 8 months ago. and i really love the truck. i was just wondering if there's anything i can do to improve gas mileage of the truck? would appreciate your input on this...
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