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  1. I am the original thread starter. It has now been 2 months since the fix and I would say the problem is 95% resolved. Still a few occasions where the throttle doesn't feel "quite right" compared to a drive-by-cable but otherwise it's a transformed experience from before the software change and a totally transformed vehicle. I am now really enjoying the car and I would strongly recommend the upgrade. I have also switched out the 18" tires from the horrible OEM Bridgestone Turanza's to a set of Continental ContiExtremeContact and the car rides better and significantly quieter than before. It
  2. UPDATE: I have put 100 miles on the car since the software update and the good news is that the car is noticably smoother than before across the entire speed range. Low speed driving around town is now a pleasure - slow speed corners now seem effortless with no sense of being in too low a gear - cruising around parking lots looking for a space are no longer a feather-the-throttle balancing act. 10mph pick up is easier - I wouldn't say it's perfect but it is significantly easier to coast and go than before. As others have pointed out resetting the ECU can have a positive (temporary) effect
  3. I had the software upgrade completed this morning and have completed one 20 mile journey back from the dealer to my office. As anyone with this problem knows the symptoms are somewhat intermittent - some days it can be better than others - so I would treat this preliminary feedback with a little caution. If I were to answer the simple question: "Is it better after the change?" the answer would be yes. Do I still experience the hesitation/jerkiness at low speeds (accelerating in traffic at or below 10mph)? It appears to be better. It also appears to have made an improvement at higher speeds
  4. Will do. There is a TSB being issued shortly on this so the problem and solution should be familiar to all dealers soon. Fingers crossed this addresses it. Please post a response to your visit to the dealership, as I, like you, will be one happy camper if Lexus provides a fix to this problem which has bugged me for 12 months. ←
  5. I just got a call from my dealer - apparently there is a software shift pattern upgrade that they are just rolling out now to improve the low speed jerkiness/hesitation of the 6-speed transmissions. This was the last remaining issue I had with my LS430 - if this really does fix the problem I will be one happy camper. I'll know by Friday evening.
  6. OK, the web site says mine's a 5-spd and when I shift from auto to manual it always goes to "5", not "6". But when I just tried to push it up another gear I magically found 6th. It was hiding there all along. So panic over, their web site is wrong. Now, the 04's are supposed to have 4 wheels, one on each corner, right?
  7. I have a 4 week old 2004 LS430 that is advertised as 6-speed in the brochures but when I logged on to the Lexus Owners area it decribes it as "5 SPD AUTO":- Make: Lexus Model: LS 430 Year: 2004 Exterior Color: SILVER Transmission Type: 5 SPD AUTO Body Type: SE When I manually change gears the highest it goes is "5th"? I'm sure there's a sensible explanation but can someone explain this discrepency?
  8. Thanks for the response. I intend to use the hot wires in the overhead console - I will take the console down this weekend and try to find suitable wires that are on with ignition. Thanks!
  9. V1 from my previous BMW X5 was wired in to the sunroof power supply. Anyone have idiot-proof instructions how to do this in an 04 LS430? Advice appreciated!
  10. Thanks for the response xBmwMan - it does sound like you have been through a very similar experience. How would you compare the ride quality/firmness of the LS430 Sport versus the X5 (non Sport)? Are you getting better gas mileage in the LS (I average 15-16mpg in X5)? So no regrets then about choosing the LS (apart from the weather )?
  11. I have an LS430 on order with Euro suspension. I have a couple of questions on the 18" wheel and tire combo. I had an ES300 previously and was very happy with the car except that the tire wear was pretty aggressive - I recall getting the tires replaced at around 18,000 miles. I notice that the LS430 has a disclaimer about tire life too - from "Tires fitted with 18 x 7.5-in and 17 x 7.5-in wheels are expected to experience greater wear than conventional tires. Tire life may be substantially less than 20,000 miles, depending on driving conditions." I drive an X5 currently and whi
  12. I have an LS430 on order and specified the Euro tuned suspension. The primary reason was actually that I wanted the 18" sport wheels since I find the standard 17" wheels a little uninspiring. The tighter suspension settings was a bonus (I think). Apparently the Euro suspension is in high demand - it's hard to find new vehicles with that option that aren't already spoken for. I wonder what difference the Euro suspension would have made to the Car and Driver handling tests? Car and Driver LS430 review I currently drive a BMW and I test drove an LS430 with the Euro suspension and it felt like
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