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  1. If no one had any major injuries, it sounds like the airbag made the right decision in not deploying... I'm glad that everyone involved was OK!
  2. Not to be a jerk...but turning off the ignition key might have been a better way to deal with the stuck throttle.... :whistles:
  3. The driver's seat on my '97 ES300 (180K miles) makes a metallic clunking sometimes when I go around a moderately hard turn. All of the power adjustments (including lumbar) work fine, and I couldn't see anything blatantly loose under the seat. It sounds just like when I used to keep a 4D-cell MagLite under the driver's seat of my Honda and it would occasionally clank against the seat braces when I went around a turn... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Got it resolved. The problem was that the OTHER tail light (not the one they replaced) was kind of black and ready to burn out so the voltage in the circuit was all out of whack. After replacing the other bulb, the indicator on the dash went out....
  5. I got my '97 ES300 (180K miles) inspected today. When I took it into the shop (local repair place), there were no indicator lights on. They told me that it needed a license plate bulb and side marker light bulb. When I drove out I noticed that the Rear Light Problem Indicator came on when I turned the headlights on. How could it be that the indicator light was off before but came on now that they replaced the bulbs? Wrong voltage replacement bulbs maybe? Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
  6. I just checked it at the dipstick. The level was OK and it was clean and didn't smell burnt or anything. Does that need the special Toyota/Lexus fluid?
  7. Thanks to all for the tips! I just got it yesterday but I haven't seen any leaking at all yet. No oil spot on the driveway this morning. We're driving taking it on a 700-800 mile round trip in a few days...so I guess we'll know for sure after that!
  8. I use Invisible Glass too...great stuff!
  9. Hiya, I just bought my first Lexus today...a black '97 ES300 with 180K miles...and I love it, but I have a few questions... First, oil... I've read about the oil gelling issue, and the oil on mine is pretty dirty looking...but it runs great, doesn't smoke or overheat, and doesn't have any lights on the dash illuminated. I was planning on just using Castrol 5W30 and changing it every 3,000 miles. Would you recommend starting to use synthetic on an engine with that many miles? What about engine flushing? It runs great as-is and I'm afraid to start causing problems with it. My other questions are coolant and tranny fluid. Is it OK to just use high-quality fluids from NAPA, or would you recommend getting it done at the dealership? Thanks in advance!
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