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  1. I did the same thing yesterday. Please post any response you receive and I will do the same.
  2. With absolute faith in the ingenuity of the American entrepreneur, I expect a simple third party solution from soon. For those of you who want a fix to this problem, send an email to and tell Dave how much you are looking forward to a lockpick for the 2006 LS 460. This might just be enough incentive for him to focus his resources on our particular variety of DVD/nav...
  3. LS460L: In the end, I want a new Denso release of the Navigation software with any of these options: 1. Lockouts completely removed (Sign a waiver, if necessary). 2. Lockouts turned off when a passenger is in the car (front seat). 3. Unlock software sequence that can be used when needed. Of course, I'm open for suggestions from Lexus. I do not ask anyone to judge or anticipate Lexus' actions here. Nobody knows what they may do or suggest. However, if someone thinks of another option, please add it to the list. [end quote] Well spoken! Any one of the three works for me. I would
  4. To me, it doesn't matter how long Lexus has been doing the lockout thing. The point is that they shouldn't be doing it. What do I want them to do? Give me a non-surgical method of getting around the lockouts.
  5. My two cents worth: Yes, the 2007 ES and LS models look more alike than ever before. I bought my wife an ES350 six months ago and took delivery of my LS460 last month. After looking at them side by side in the garage, I felt the same way you did at the dealership. BUT, the similarities stop at that initial glance you described. The quality of construction on the ES is "Lexus Lite" when compared to the 460, but still better than most other companies' top of the line (my wife's opinion of her 350 went from "awesome" to "a dressed up Avalon" after driving my 460). The interior space confi
  6. I had the same thought yesterday as I sat in my passenger seat frustrated by the inability to do anything with the Nav...
  7. After driving a '96 LS 400 for 270K miles, I gladly plopped down my hard-earned cash for a new 460. Imagine my shock when the car "lawyered up"! Having to (a) agree to the DVD Nav's terms of operation each time I start the car, (b) wait until my driver is stopped before I can use most of the features of the system and © not use the DVD player while in motion is absurd. If Lexus won't offer an unlock (I'll sign any release they put in front of me) for the features I paid good money to have, I may resort to a physical hack. Of course, the last thing I want to do is start dismantling a beauti
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