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  1. Alvett5, Another great site I found is: They have nearly everything OEM you could need. ps. Seems like we have similar thoughts on German and Japanese cars.
  2. Just bought an '01 LX470 for my wife and I'm looking for a good place to buy OEM parts for the car. The car is in great shape mechanically and aesthetically but there are some bits and pieces that have the expected wear for a car with 47k miles. (ie. plastic molding, windows switches, interior lights, etc). Considering my wife is coming for a 2 door Saab Convertible I also anticipate replacing the rear bumper cover within the next 6 months after she gets accustomed to the SIZE of the vehicle. Suggestions and ideas would be great. TIA
  3. Thanks for the info Greg. Just curious..........Have any of the major mechanical components changed from '01 to '04 ( i.e. engine, suspension, etc) ? If there was a "ground breaking" improvement for the '02 model + I want to be aware. We were thinking about leasing a new one and stumbled across a client of mine that might sell/trade his '01 as payment for services he owes my company.
  4. Looking at a 2001 LX470 with 45k miles. Car has been dealer maintained since day one and no major mech. problems that I'm aware of. What problem areas or concerns should I be aware of at the 45k mark (mechanical, electricial, etc)? With proper care how many miles can I expect from that engine? My wife will drive this thing for the next 5+ years and I'm looking for little or no out of pocket expense..........Am I buying the right car for that? Thanks in advance. Kevin
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