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  1. It started about a week ago.....everything seems fine ....it does more so from a cold start. Battery is new and reads 14.2v running. Car is kinda virgin with only 80k miles.All grounds are like new condition with no apparent corrosion. Hope this helps. thanks,
  2. Hi Peeps, My 93 sc400 check engine light started to flicker on start up for about 5 mins after start up. It then goes away.It is very dimm. No other obvious sign of problems. Thanks.
  3. Mine idles up and then down and then and so forth for about 20 cycles. I don't think this by design. You're right. This is normal. It's similar to the old manual choke. You can drive off after less than a minute except in the winter. I let it warm up until the revs come down to 800 or so before driving off. Less stress on the tranny and gives all the fluids a chance to pressurize throughout.
  4. Hi peeps, my 93 SC400 every now and then and at least once a day will idle upto 1700 rpm and then down then up... several times before finally settling down. I have done a vacuum hose check and changed the idle valve. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks, Rafiqi.
  5. He owns Lextech.org Ok OLT took care of it FAST!!! I very nice fellow. I can relax now....thanks to all peeps.
  6. How can OLT help...is he part of Lextech? Thanks.
  7. Hi Peeps, Sent of my cluster for needle repair three weeks ago......not getting any response to emails. Getting a little concerned. Any help on phone number or some other way contacting them would be appreciated. Thanks, Rafiqi.
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