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  1. mikjr-You say the oil pan bolts were stripped. Do you mean the drain bolt or the bolts that hold the lower pan to the upper? I assume you meant the drain plug (singular). If that is the case and you don't get satisfaction from the dealer (the one who is responsible if they have been changing the oil), they do make oversized plugs for that very purpose. And they only cost a few dollars. I re-read the invoice... it says the "drain plug", and said they need to replace the pan at a cost of $638!! As I said earlier, this dealer is the ONLY one to touch the car! I've had it serviced about ever
  2. I have a 2004 RX 330 with 88,000 miles. I took it in yesterday to have the 85,000 mile service done on it. I got a call today from the service associate stating that the bolts on the oil pan were stripped and the whole pan would need to be replaced at a cost of $650.00!! WOW... $650.00... I told him... with only 2 weeks before Christmas... it was not going to get done! My question is... since the vehicle has only been serviced by this Lexus dealership, I am wonder HOW and WHY these pan bolts were stripped?? I've never heard of such a thing... and my feeling is... if they are strippe
  3. I have a 2004 RX 330... I am experiencing a whinning/hum noise from what I believe to be the rear end or trans. A month after I got the car, they installed some kind of insulation on the trans line which eliminated some of the whinning, but this is a different sound. The dealer says the tires are worn and scalloped, and that's where the noise is coming from. They said if I replace the tires, that should take care of the noise. It's hard to believe that a car with 33,000 miles already needs new tires. Last time I had my car in for service, they loaned me another RX 330... it was quiet as
  4. I have been having an ongoing issue with opening the hatch on my RX-330. It starts to open... hesitates a bit, and then closes. It only opens about an inch or two, and then it closes. I've had it to the dealer now for several weeks. The first time, they replaced the "door struts", said it worked fine and sent me on my way. The FIRST stop I made, it didn't open. I had it back there the next week and they've had it now for a week. They have been in contact with the techs at the factory and they still haven't fixed it. Any suggestions or help from the Forum would be appreciated. Mike
  5. there is a .2 second pause when you push the remote button. I would like to have the hatch open & close without this pause. I've heard it can be done by changing the C-Best settings. The dealer can't seem to get it right. mike
  6. I know I have asked this question before, but either I didn't understand the answer correct, or I can't seem to get the dealer to understand how to fix this issue. I think I've read on the FORUM, that the REAR HATCH can bet set to open without the PAUSE. I have asked the dealer TWICE now to set the option to do that, but each time they don't. The first time, they said it couldn't be done. This past service, they set ALL the DOORS to open with one button push What am I missing?? Can you... OR can't you set the hatch to OPEN with NO pause?? I would appreciate any feedback on this issue, es
  7. I took my RX 330 in for 10k service and asked the dealer to perform a couple of changes to the CBES settings. One was the door locks, which were changed with no problem The other was changing the settings on the automatic rear hatch. The default is .8 seconds delay with TWO beeps. According to what I have read and understand, the dealer can make the following changes to the rear hatch: 1) One, Two or NO BEEPS 2) No Delay when pushing the remote button The dealer didn't think this was possible. Am I understanding the possible changes correctly?? Any help appreciated... thanks, Mike
  8. I've had my RX 330 for several months, and i'm just learning about the CBEST settings... DUH... that's what i get for not reading the 2" book that came with the car... Anyway... is there a way (CBEST) to set the rearview mirror so that it's OFF when the car is started. With the dark windows, I find myself turning it off more than using it at night. So, I'd prefer to have it off, and turn it ON when I need it. ALSO... I understand that there is a CBEST list somewhere in cyberspace... can someone point me into the right direction?? thanks... Mike
  9. I'm not sure what R & R means. That's just what it said on my invoice. I was very pleased with the results I got... no whining - no popping mike
  10. Here is exactly what my invoice states: LABOR: "Guest states he hears a whinning noise from the rear of the vehicle. Install trans cooler line insulators. Also, a popping noise. Advise R & R cooler Line and insulated" PARTS: QTY FP NUMBER DESCRIPTION 2 88467-12030 BUSHING The service was performed by Lexus of Mission Viejo (949) 364-0664. Good Luck! Mike
  11. Well... my Lexus dealer finally fixed the whining noise in the trans. The installed an insulation "bushing" as they called it. It not only fixed the whining noise, but it also eliminated the clunking noise when you press & and release the acceleration pedal. I had to push a bit... but they were very aware of the issue, and had no problem fixing it once I told them I wasn't going away. If your dealer is giving you a problem, you can alway have them call the dealership here in So. Calif. LEXUS OF MISSION VIEJO. Good luck to the rest of you that had this problem. MIKE
  12. I recently spoke with a friend that had an ES 300 for the past few years and loved the car. His lease was up, so his wife wanted a BMW. He doesn't like the BMW as much, but mentioned that the oil changes and maintanence are free. He mentioned that an oil change service at the Lexus dealer used to be around $100.00 or more. I asked him why he didn't just take it to a local TOYOTA DEALER. He was told by the TOYOTA DEALER that they are prohibited to change the oil or service a LEXUS. Has anyone else had that experience or heard that before??
  13. Well... at least your dealer admits there is a problem. The FIRST Service Associate I spoke with at my dealership (LEXUS OF MISSION VIEJO, CA) said that the sound was NORMAL... what a joke!! Did he think I was going to believe that?? The second time I took it in, I requested a differest Serice person... and he took a ride, and heared the sound, and admitted that it was not right.
  14. That's exactly the "CLUCKING" noise... I notice it when I put my foot on, or take it off the gas pedal between 40 & 50 mph. I don't remember any of these sounds on the RX 300!
  15. Hello... I see that KEVIN has posted a note on the forum, but has not received any comments or replys. We have been in contact regarding our similar issues. I am reposting my problem in hopes someone will respond. I have also posted on the ClubLexus Forum site. Below is my issue, please take the time to read. Well... it's been a while since I posted my first complaint about the ever present WHINNING noise coming from my 2004 RX 330 on deceleration between 50 and 40 mph. (I've now started hearing a POPPING noise also) I received a few responses but not many. I had one person reply, he had
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