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  1. Before you call me stupid, pal, get some experience in the automotive field. For your particular information, the cigarette lighter and the power outlet are ON THE SAME CIRCUIT AND FUSE. There is no way in this or any other world that either has a difference in function. Maybe you should do some homework? You can clearly see this in the attached electrical diagram, direct from the service manual; that is, if it's not to difficult to understand. I don't give uninformed advice. There are enough other people in the world who don't know what they're talking about. there was just a thread s
  2. What in Gods name do you think it's made for? I don't know where you came up with that comment. fyi, the cigarette lighter is designed only for the cig lighter and not for a phone charger. when it is used incorrectly many times it will blow a fuse, now inside the armrest that is made for an outlet like the phone charger. so before u say another stupid comment like this do your homework
  3. check your fuse also never plug your phone charger into the cig lighter its not made for it causing the fuse to blow
  4. i was interested in the work vsxx black with the polished lip, i want the one with the deepest lip possible. i believe their might be two styles, but make sure it is the deep lip one. 19x10 in the rear 19x8.5 for the fronts thanks........
  5. where are located if u are in cali i might be able to help u get everything u need
  6. 19x8.5 in the front and 19x9.5 in the rear, with hankook tires, local southern california pickup only, only on my gs for about 100 miles, must sell 1400. priced to sell quick. i ran these wheels with the 8mm spacers to clear the rear brakes and ran kyoken lugs, this set up was fine, got more than eight turns to be safe enough for everyday driving.
  7. once the headlights are off it is a piece of cake just be sure to soldier the wires together for a really good connection.
  8. i actually just did mine last week, all you have to do is cut and play with the plugs and it will work without all the leveling stuff, where in cali are u, if u are local maybe some of my friends can help you.
  9. i have one passenger side foglight for a gs 300/400 located in so cali, 40
  10. i am located in so cali, any questions email me at
  11. brand new 19 inch falken grb tires, new design, very good looking tire, these tires have zero miles on them $700
  12. i am interested where are u located at, email me
  13. so california, garden grove
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