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  1. Zen Motors would like to thank anyone and everyone who came out and supported our Grand Opening Event and 1st Annual Car Show this past Sunday! We know many of you came from near and far away places to attend this event and for that we are very grateful! The event was intended to be a memorial for our fallen member Michael Roberts and we appreciate all the people who came out to support that aspect of the event. We would like to hear back from you and get some feedback from the event. What did you like? What didn't you like? What would you like to see done differently? We are already planning another event along the lines of what you saw this past Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be a lot cooler thus bringing out more people to exhibit and spectate as well!. First and foremost I would like to thank our sponsors for this event! 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery Precision Audio Flynn's Detail Products Troy Bell Photography Supercar Rentals, Inc. DJ Jackmaster Congratulations to all who took home something for the Car Show! We really tried to be fair with the judging and worked with what we had available to us. The competition winners were as follows: Domestic: 3rd David Cook - Avalanche 2nd Doug brown - Mustang 1st Tom Lawson - Lightning Import Sport Compact: 3rd Mike Taylor - Civic 2nd Forrest Taylor - RSX 1st Cindy Mclaughlin - 3000GT Luxury: 3rd Edgar Colin - Altima 2nd Larry Young - Q45 1st Tom Tu - GS400 Best Bike: Anthony / Kryptonite - GSX-R Best of Show: Jordan Reigelhaupt - Passat Thanks again to everyone who supported us in this event! We hope to see you at the next Zen Motors Car Show soon! Tony Van Nguyen Zen Motors, LLC Assitant Manager 3246 Buford Hwy. Suite #201 Duluth, Ga 30096 678.584.5404
  2. Bumping this up! IT IS THIS SUNDAY!!! I can't wait! See you all there!
  3. Bumping this up for everyone! It is THIS WEEKEND!!! Please plan and come out to join us this Sunday!
  4. only one more weekend until this event guys and gals! hope to see you all there!
  5. bump, this is only 3 weeks away guys/gals! keep spreading the word! this is turning out to be an EVENT!
  6. updated with new flyers! thanks again for the support guys/gals
  7. thanks for the support guys/gals! please keep spreading the word!
  8. we recently had a member (DrpdIS - Michael) passed away in a tragic accident. All proceeds from this event will be donated to his family.
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