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  1. Hi, I'm looking at buying some 18" LS430 factory wheels. The specs are: Tires 245-45-18's Wheel 18x7.5. Will these fit OK on a GS300? Any thoughts on whether this is a good / not so good thing to do? (currently I only have 16" Rims) Thanks.
  2. Hi JJLEV, I'm keen to know as well as I like the look of the IS factory alloys, can anyone advise whether the IS wheels actually fit on the GS? Thanks.
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied and to MrSypher for clarifying the status of L-Sportline and Lexus. Another question, I'm currently riding on 16" factory rims, as you all would know, it rides very smoothly..... how will the ride be affected if I went to a 17" or 18" wheel and/or lowered the car by 1"?
  4. I've just ordered my first gs300 arriving tomorrow, very excited!!! I found the lexusownersclub via google, and must I say there is so much good info posted here, great for novices like me! I am looking for some new wheels to replace the standard 16" wheels. I saw the Lsportline wheels and really liked the model 1. Does anyone know if they come in 18"? Are they expensive? Does anyone else make a wheel similar? thanks in advance.
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