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  1. This is a Mark Levinson 86280-0W100 amplifier, rebuilt about two years ago by United Radio in New York after it started blowing fuses. Has been fine since. This week, the amp stopped working, does not seem to turn on. The fuse is good, it's getting 12 volts to the two blue/yellow wires, but no audio. Does anyone have the wiring diagram or at least the lead identifiers to the two connectors on the amp? I understand it gets a "Turn on" command from the head unit. Does anyone know if the amp's little internal fan should be going when the amp is on, or does it spin only when it gets warm? Thanks for any help.
  2. After further investigation, I found the 25 amp fuse for the amplifier was blown. Replacing it resulted in the new fuse blowing immediately, before turning on the ignition. So it appears I have either a shorted amplifier, or a short somewhere in the wiring harness. I thought the amp got a "turn on" signal from the head end, which makes it somewhat unusual that the fuse should blow immediately... Next step tomorrow is to unplug the amp, and see if a new fuse blows again. If it does, there's a wiring harness issue, and if not, I guess the amp has a short. Anyone know of any place that repairs the ML amps?
  3. My radio audio and CD audio has disappeared on a 2004 ES-330 with nav. Nav audio continues to work. The screen has stopped beeping when touched, the volume control does not make the volume numbers appear in the upper right of the display, and I can't change the equalizer or balance settings, both of which have reverted to their default center positions (not where they were when it was working). Pushing the volume button toggles the "AUDIO OFF" display. The radio itself seems to be working - presets are there, I can change stations, the embedded data displays, the FM Stereo indicator lights. Also, the CD changer changes CD's and the single player changes tracks. It just won't make a sound. Since the nav audio works, I assume the amp works, and it's something else. Perhaps there's some "turn the amplifier on" trigger that isn't triggering? Any help appreciated.
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