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  1. Hello all, I have some issues on my 99 es300 with 160k miles on . Some time ago i had issues with the car stalling emmedialty after i started. It appeared to get better after i cleaned the IACV removing it cleaning. Now when i start , it revs up to about 1500 when on automatic, but when i change it to nuetral it accelerates upto 2000-2500 rpm and drops with a air hissing sound? to about 500-750 and goes back up ,, accelerates makes that hissing air sound and drops .. keeps on doing that until i change it to automatic which then falls back to about 1000 rpm. What i also noticed was when i t
  2. Hello, i have a 99 es300 with 148k miles and recently got engine lights on with error code P0171. This also happend a year ago where i replaced the o2 sensor and the error went away only to resurface after a year. couple months ago i observed a hissing or some similar sound while driving and when i opened the hood i could hear it somewhere close to the belt near the engine when the car was on. I wasnt sure what was causing it.but now when i turn on the car and try to listen closely i am not sure if i hear it again or if its continously doing it.. Also when i start the car for the first
  3. Thanks Steviej and All for helping me out. I was able to replace B1S1 near the firewall on my 1999 es300 within 15 mnts. i did have the o2 sensor that i rented from Autozone. But i was able to use a regular 7/8 wrench to remove it . It was more easier for me and my hands were easily accessible to it. In my case it was a A/F ratio sensor and I bought it from ebay for 143$. i had recd p1135, p0171 and p0172 enitially, after i took the old sensor out cleaned the end and put it back , i still continued to see the error code p1135and now p1133 and p0125. once i replaced the sensor on b1s1 ,clea
  4. Also, The A/F sensor i got from another junk yard es300 firewall location ( not sure of the model) is 89467-41030 . Will this work on my 1999 ES300 ? thanks
  5. i was just told by a part supplier that the 1999 es300 car with california emission have A/F ratio sensor for bank1 sensor1 in the Firewall location. But for all other locations the 1999 es300 model A/ F ratio sensor for Bank 1 and sensor 1 is located in the front near the radiator. Also he mentioned that the a/f sensors for Bank1 and bank2 locations are not the same part number/type. Can someone please confirm if both are true. I just bought the A/F sensor from firewall location of a junkyard car. so i guess i cant use it now at the front location!! :(
  6. Thanks for your reply. i just have the a/f sensor that i got from junk yard from a 2000 yr model.lets see if that works. if it doenst i will go buy the part from the dealer. do you know any specific dealer that sells it for 110 or the partnumber for it?
  7. Hi All, I am in the same boat. I have a 1999 ES300 and I get a p1135 and it says Bank 1 sensor 1 air/Fuel ratio sensor. Where is it actually located on a 1999 model? The 1997 manual show its on the Front. But i see posts mentioning its at the back near the firewall. Please advise, i have a failed emisstion test and need to fix it in 5 days. :cries: thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am still unsure where the A/F bank 1 sensor 1 is located on 1999 es 300. i am still getting the P1135 and P0171. I already replaced the Mass airflow meter but still no luck. I do have the 1997 lexus es 300 factory manual and it says its located at the front. But it doesnt tell me wheather it is A/F censor that is on Bank 1 sensor 1 location . It shows it on the front clearly visible next to the radiotor. Is this the location for A/F sensor. it just says heated oxygen sensor. Please help!!!
  9. hello, i have a 99 es300 , are o2 and a/f sensor same ? iam getting p1135 and trying to replace one of the 02 sensors. I know there are 3 o2 sensors on the 99 es300 model. But are they all same 02 sensors, meaning can i use the o2 sensor from the firewall area(is that bank1 sensor 2) to replace the one from the front. i recently bought a 02 sensor from a junkyard . The guy pulled the o2 sensor from the firewall area . so i am wondering if i should put this on the front at bank1 sensor 1. I already replaced the MAF and now i get p0125. when i use a odb reader it says cant get the readings o
  10. Hello all, i have codes P0171, P0172 and p1135 recently pop up. i found a junkyard selling these Mass airflow sensors and O2 sensors for cheap . but they are for 2000 year model. will both Mass airflow sensor and o2 sensor from es300 2000 model work on my 1999 yr model.? are they same. I am planing on buying both MAF and o2 sensor just incase MAF wont fix it please advice. thanks
  11. Thanks , cleaned the MAF but the code popped back on after a few miles. Can someone tell me how many MAF or 02 censors this 1999 es300 has and where they are located at ?
  12. Thanks, Anyone here can point me to how to replace the GAS fuel Filter for the 99 es 300 ?
  13. Hello Guys, can someone tell me how to go about finding what is causing the issue, can GAS filter(is this fuel filter he is referring to?) trigger this error codes, one of the mechanic i went to suggested we replace gas filter since it hasnt been replaced in the last 2 years(20k miles). Do you guys agree on that? thanks
  14. correction above .I meant to say i replaced all Spark Plugs (not fuel injectors) 9 months ago along with the 3 coils when i had the misfire problem.
  15. Hi Guys, I am a newbie, have a 99 es300 with 135k miles on it. My engine+trac light came on 3 weeks ago and it went off within couple days . It resurfaced again a week ago and went off within a day. Now since last few days it came back on and i took it to Autozone to get the codes. It was P1135 , P0171 and P0172 all together.The Autozone guy printed out the description of all the above errors. My Gas cap is tight.Checked the air Filter and its not that bad. I do notice the car as if its having breathing problem when i slow down to make a stop.It doesnt die or anything like that. Also my milea
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