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  1. Not sure about this one, I'm going to have to call them and find out:
  2. Yes with the radio face plate and brackets from Lexus you can mount any single din or double din stereo. The brackets mount to the radio face plate and the opening inbetween the brackets is the exact size for a single or double din stereo. If you just purchase the radio face plate, brackets, bolts, and screws from Lexus (part numbers above) and bring the parts to a radio installer they should be able to install any single or double din stereo for you with ease. If they can't then you didn't go to a good radio install store. Print out this page with the pictures if you need to. The only issue is there will be a 1/2 inch gap on both sides, but they make universal trim peices to cover this area and make it look clean.
  3. I just picked up a 2003 ES300. My plan is to install a standard double din stereo/navigation system. Specifically a KENWOOD DDX6019 + KNA-G510 DVD NAVIGATION. I purchased a radio face plate for an 03 ES300 with navigation since its double din. I called Lexus and the part # is 5540533230. You want the one for the Mark Levinson stereo. The part is $111.00. (see picture below) Second, the 2002 ES300 amp is in the passenger kick panel. Since the 2002 is very similiar to the 2003, I assume they kept it in the same location, although I haven't yet verified if this is true. (see attached pdf file) Does anyone have the pinouts for the 2003 ES300 radio and amp? There are 7 speakers in the 2003 ES300. (1) 6.5 inch speaker in each door. (1) tweeter in each front door. (1) 8 inch free air sub in the rear deck. Opening is: 7 13/16 x 3 15/16 Part # is: 5540533230 I also purchased the radio brackets and (10) bolts/screws. Parts numbers are: Brackets: (1) 8621133170 (1) 8621233170 Bolts: (6) 9015350010 Screws: (4) 9356855016 2002_20amplifier_1_.pdf
  4. The horn on my 92 ES300 isn't working and of course its inspection month. I removed the horn and cleaned the ground contacts, then I popped the horn relay cover and made the contact point touch and the horn works, but if I push the horn on the steering wheel it doesnt work. I bought a brand new relay and swapped it in, still no horn at the steering wheel. I was unable to find a fuse for the horn, is there one? Is it easy to remove the steering wheel airbag to check the contacts? Thanks, -Brian