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  1. Actually you are right - tire rack does not carry then - only a few tire companies even make that size. But there are a few choices in that size available to order locally and out on the web I kind of like the wider tire road feel and they look way better too, but honestly, I think the handling and braking will outweight any harshness. The LS rides so smooth to begin with I cant imagine a wider tire making it that much worse... My only concern is that they would fit which it sounds like they will - thanks for the responses - any more responses are welcome!!
  2. A rare tire size but same diameter as stock 225/60/16 so the speedo will be 100% accurate 245/55R16 Anyone try these or know if they will be too wide for the rim or for the wheel well?
  3. Getting ready to do my 90K at my mechanic and Im getting all the parts.. Can someone please tell me if Im missing anything on this list? Thanks! Mike Timing Belt Tensioner Left Idler Pulley Right Idler Pulley 3 Front Cover Gaskets Water Pump 2 Distributor Caps 2 Rotors oil/filter cabin filter Trans Fluid - Done Coolant - Done PS Fluid - Done Other issues: My serpentine belt was done at 60K but I guess I might as well put a new on since it has to come off right? Should I do plug wires? Could not find a P/N Do I do anything else like fuel filter etc? I think thats it - Many
  4. I think if it was a fuse, the little green lights on the switch would not light up. I think in most of our cases, the green light works, but no heat... thus its the elements themselves that are the problem...
  5. Im telling you all... for ~$450 these aftermarket ones work better than the OEM ones did....
  6. Dont rule out the fact that it could be all 4 elements - I was told that they just dont have a long life - they burn out memory functions work fine so yours could be the module...
  7. Thanks Tan - I do have the chrome rims but I hadnt noticed weights coming off.. They did use the hammer on kind... I will try to find a place that does dynamic wheel balancing and see if that does it... So did you say I should use stick on weights on my chrome rims, and on both sides of the wheel? Thanks again... Mike
  8. Jim, Had the same problem with my 95 - the elements just die after a while. The dealer wanted over $1000 for new elements (2 for each seat) and there Do-it-yourseldf instructions somewhere on this site if you want to take your seats apart.. I decided this was WAY too much so I found some aftermarket seat heaters on the web... here are some links: If you call these manufacturers - they should be able to point you to a local installer. I had mine done for $227 per seat (Total incliding the heater and labor) Hope that helps! Mike
  9. Mechanics please help me with other ideas for high speed (60+MPH) vibration!! I have new rotors and new tires. I had an alignment and balancing done twice (under warranty), and the vibration goes away. Smooth as can be at 80MPH.....for about 2 weeks!!!! After a few weeks the vibration comes back!! I am having a hard time believing that you have to balance your wheels every 2 weeks on a $50K+ vehicle, no matter how old it is My local mechanic (I refuse to take it to the Dealer) says "NPF" No Problem Found - visibly anyway....I dont think they road test on the highway... Any ideas?? Than
  10. There's a place in FL that you can send it to and theyll repair it for $190 plus return shipping My Lexus Dealer said for $360 ($560 for the Nak) they will order a new one (possibly refurb) and install it, using the bad one as a trade -in,
  11. Ok my local dealer has the parts... He will discount them since I bought the car there... $340 (reg 395) for the seat bottom heating element $220 (Reg 251) for the seat back..... plus all the clips (~$1 each) Labor would be at least $200 to $300 anywhere you go So we are looking at around $800 to get it all working again (if you dont do it yourself)
  12. Ok here's a kicker.... (Park Place Lexus) - cannot find the heating element as a separate part. You have to buy the leather, which has the heater built in - $900+ for the seat bottom, $1300+ for the seat back... A used whole seat is ~$200 at so that may be the way to go unless you can find the heater as a separate part somewhere! Hopefully this is not right - help!!
  13. Any idea what part(s) would cost to fix this problem?
  14. I checked the fuse - it is fine The light on the buttons (both L and R side) both work I checked all the harnesses - all are connected The weird thing is that I dont even see where any wires would go into the seat to the heating element.. I think to remove the leather and get to the heater itsself you would have to remove the seat from the car? Seems easy but definitely a couple of hours of work for a novice like me...
  15. Mine is doing exactly the same - any ideas?
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