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  1. I have had the same problem with the Wal-Mart thing. The system is very picky about spelling (i.e.Wal mart, Wal-Mart, Walmart, etc)
  2. Today my dealer told me that they do offer installation of both XM and Sirius kits, without sending it to a third party shop, and without removing the dash. About $500 for the unit and four hours labor. (Total about $800) Does anyone know of a Sirius kit which would be user installable and that mounts in the trunk, like the XM kit??
  3. this pretty much looks like the VAIS unit from another reseller
  4. Whew!! OK guys, get a couple of smooth jazz CDs and take a ride out to the country in your new, gorgeous, wonderful, Lexus. Sooner or later someone will figure out a decent workaround for those of us who want it. 'Til then enjoy the nice ride.
  5. Thanks for the tip -- gonna try it. But it is pathetic that this is even necessary.
  6. Actually, I keep opening the sunroof looking for the garage door opener. The buttons should be backlit. And I agree, the interior lights are dimmer than a $5 booklight. Trunk light is too dim also. -- Still love the ride, though. Most things are perfect.
  7. Curious as to what "quick wire change on the ground" means.
  8. Thanks for the comments on this. I have seen the codes for the 6.1 disk on posted on another board for the Tacoma truck, but it mentioned a "joystick" and I don't know how that might translate to a touch screen. Meanwhile, like many, my passenger (wife) is really annoyed that she cannot look up restaurant destinations while on an interstate so we know what exit to take. Arguably it is more dangerous to pull over on the shoulder than for a passenger to operate the system. Other manufactures (as well as Hertz) seem to do ok and not incurr undue liability.
  9. Does anyone have the NEW codes for the ver. 06.1 DVD to override the nav system so that a passenger can input a destination while traveling. The old codes (Menu, up, down, up, down) do not work with DVD ver. 06.1.
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