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  1. Does anyone know if you can just replace the bushings on the control arms or do you have to change the whole arm???
  2. Does anyone know what i can replace the Nakamichi Subwoofer with that will sound good!!! I don't want to put an external amplifier and subwoofer just something that will replace the stock sub. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I actually bought some wheels this weekend 18" staggered with a huge lip on the rear, don't want to go too big don't like the 4X4 look. Very nice SC looks clean!!
  4. Does anyone know what the biggest size wheels you can put on a 1992 SC400??? And do they have to be staggered???
  5. Is 19" the biggest u can go in a 92' SC400 and also do the wheels have to be staggerd?