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  1. What did you have to do for your Transfer Case issue. We had exactly the same issue.

  2. Have the same car. Was not aware that the nave system had bluetooth functionality. 2003 or 2004 SC430 has this feature?? If so, how would I go about acessing it. Thanks.
  3. I own an 02 SC430 and was at the dealer this Saturday for a regular service and read in a review that the 05 had new suspension shocks for better driving experience. I asked the parts man to check and in fact there are new part numbers for the shocks and they are more expensive than the shocks for all prior SC430s. Questions: Has anyone detected the diference between old and new. Can one replace shocks on cars before 05 with the new ones or is there something more in the design that could be a problem.
  4. Car Seat works fine up to 2 years. Passenger seat should be slid forward but not all the way and child will be fine. We used Century seat with latch and worked fine. Only one set of golf clubs in trunk with top down and should be a low profile bag not the ping giant bag.
  5. We have an 04 Silver GX470 and have the Britax Seat for out 24 month old in the middle position. Used the latch from the two sides and it is snug and the head restraint cord affixes well to the middle prong behind the seats. The plus is that this is the safest position for the child and the negative is that seating on either side of her is tight for adults because of the size of the Britax child seat. Hope that helps.
  6. Still struggling between gx470 and X5. 3rd seat is not an issue for us. Just out of curiosity, why did you get rid of X5. My wife has driven both and she loves the X5 and does not consider the Lexus a competitor. I have an SC430 so I am partial to Lexus.