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  1. I totally agree. I put them on my 2006 GS300 about 25,000 miles ago when they were first introduced, and they've still got a lot of tread left. Very quiet tires; crisp handling; quiet ride and good traction.
  2. If I remember correctly, the owner's manual suggests changing it every 10,000 miles, but I change it every 5,000 miles. I live in the desert, and there's a lot of fine dust and sand in the air. It seems to keep the interior a bit cleaner and the cost is so very reasonable.
  3. Fram makes a replacement filter that they call Fresh Breeze. It has baking soda in it to freshen the air, and they sell it at Wal-Mart. I think it's a great costs about $15.
  4. I also have a 2006 GS300, and it does NOT have a timing belt; I made sure of that before I bought it. The owner's manual is very clear on this issue. I haven't had a single problem with mine since I bought it new on 03/04/2005. Nearly 8 years, and the car looks, feels, and drives like new. What an amazing car. Good luck.
  5. I also have an '06 GS300 and I live in Las Vegas. There aren't many places in the world much hotter, but my original battery lasted 52 months. I travel extensively and even when leaving the car unattended for 4 weeks at a time, it always started right up. I agree that there must be something wrong with your charging system or you've got a parasitic loss.
  6. BINGO!!!! Worked like a charm. You are the MAN.... Can't thank you enough. It's remarkable how you get so used to these small luxuries that you take them for granted....but miss them SO much when they're gone.
  7. Tried it this morning but it didn't cure the problem. It still operates manually, but the one-touch feature is gone. I also noticed that it doesn't have the retained power feature that it used to have for about 45 seconds after you turn the ignition off, although this feature works just fine on my windows. Any ideas out there? Thanks a million for your help.
  8. I had the same problem with my moonroof. I unhooked the battery for about 20 mins and when I reconnected it, problem solved. As for the nav screen, I ordered a screen protector from It hasn't been delivered yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the great advice....When the fellow came out from AAA to install a new battery, he plugged a temporary power source into my cigarette lighter so that none of my personalized settings would be lost (transmission shift points, radio stations, memory settings) and your solution never occurred to me. I'll try it in the morning, a
  9. My one touch function for my moonroof has stopped working, although I can still operate it by holding the buttons down until it is either open or closed or tilted. So it seems that the motor is fine. I think it stopped working automatically when I had to replace the car's 12V battery. I did what the manual said to reset it, and opened it manually and kept the open button pressed until it started to come down, but it still doesn't work by one touch. Anyone have any ideas short of taking it back to the dealer? Also, what works best for removing fingerprints from the nav screen? It seems th
  10. It took only 2 days for Lexus of Las Vegas to get the parts for the recall. They called me on Friday afternoon to say that they wanted me to bring it in that day so that they could fix it on SATURDAY!!!!! Business must really be slow. Anyway, they promised to have it done by 4:00 Saturday, but at 3:00 they said that it was going slower than they thought and it wouldn't be ready until Monday. No problem for me as they gave me a 2008 IS250 loaner. I picked it up at 2:00 on Monday, and it's great. The problem that I had with the steering has gone away, and they did a really nice job of wash
  11. Lexus of Las Vegas called me today to inform me of the service campaigns for my 2006 GS300. I hadn't heard anything prior to the phone call, but the dealer wanted to know if I still owned the vehicle, and that they would order the parts which should take about a week. I have noticed a problem with my steering ever since I bought the car new....the steering wheel actually sticks when in a slight left turn, as sometimes happens on a left heading offramp. I've mentioned it to the dealer each time it has been in for maintenance, but they always report that they can find nothing wrong. I'm glad
  12. Cabin air filter is real easy...I've changed mine twice already. Instructions are in the owners manual, and it takes less than 5 minutes. Open the glove compartment and slide oout the removable shelf. There is a panel at the rear that pops out to give you access to the filter. Just insert the new one the same way the old one comes out. Good luck.
  13. I just did the same thing yesterday. It's actually quite easy. Go to phone...settings...address book...delete...then choose the name to be deleted. It asks you if you're sure you want to delete. You can do the same thing in one touch dial.
  14. You won't break them...they're designed to move up so that you can raise them to wash the windshield. Jut move them up the windshield as if the motor was on....they will hit an internal stop after you've raised them about 6 inches. You can then pivot them away from the windshield. Just don't forget to push them back down into place before you open the hood or you can scratch the hood. Good luck
  15. I'm curious if anyone has any tips on washing the engine bay on my 2006 GS300. I know that every time I did it on my old Mercedes, some wiring harness would get water in it and it would backfire and miss until it dried out. Can I expect the same on my Lexus? Or is it OK to gently wash it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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